November 16 – Willits, California

Rain on the way out of town but once we got going it was just a drizzle.

What a road east – winding – hilly – tree lined – beautiful. My arms are tired from turning and turning along the way.

Arrived at Willits KOA early but they let us in anyways – not too many people here. Medium size campground with gravel roads and sites. FHU or W&E available – lots of family type activities to do – more than I have ever seen at any other campground – great place to bring the kids or grandkids.

Goofed off all afternoon.

Friday we had tickets to ride the California Western Skunk Train. A little bit foggy this morning but we had the tickets so let’s go. Train has been running this route since 1885.

Arrived at the train station on time and got our official tickets and got ready to board.

The name “Skunk” came from the smell of the crude oil that was burned in the cars to keep passengers warm – “you could smell em before you could see em”.

We are in a 1925 self-propelled car that didn’t have a separate engine.

Beautiful ride 20 miles into the Redwood Forest.

One stretch is so winding going up the hill that it took 8.5 miles of track to go one straight mile in distance.w (7)

Wildlife on the track.w (14)

Even had a Train Singer entertaining us.

Brenda rode this train as a teenager with her dad.w (33)

Arrived at Northspur our turnaround spot and dropped 1400 feet in elevation.

Met another train sponsored by the “Burning Man” sponsor who organized the trip – everybody seems to get dressed up and have a party at Northspur – even had a band on the train and at the end.

Back to the station after 4 hours of riding the rails.w (34)

Saturday is off to Ukiah, California.

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