November 12 – Eureka, California

An overcast day without rain – I feel blessed, especially on our travel days.

Short and easy drive to Eureka – all interstate but beautiful trees along the way.

Arrived at Shoreline RV Park and got our spot. Small campground with paved roads and decent size paved sites with grass – good wifi and no trees to block the SAT.

Brenda got her chance to catch up on shopping – gone 4 hours.

Monday woke up to rain. Later in the day it broke and the sun shined through.

We met up with Greg – Leah’s brother (Josh’s brother-in-law) who has lived and worked here for a while. Enjoyed catching up with what he was doing and what we have done. Good visit with some tea at his (6)

We took off with Greg south to Ferndale to visit Eel River Brewing Company – did lunch and a beer and a growler to go. Then headed back and picked up the puppies and headed north to the beach. Was able to walk along the ocean and sea stacks. Saw the sunset.




Greg got caught in the rising tide.

Went back home to feed the dogs and off again for dinner. Went to Brick and Fire (half hour wait on a Monday evening) and enjoyed a great meal of small plates.

Dropped Greg off and headed home.

Tuesday woke up to sunshine – wow!

Greg came by at noon and we headed over to the Lost Coast Brewery for lunch and a cold one. Good food and (24)

Then we walked around Old Town Eureka – amazing the Victorian Buildings that have been restored

– I guess in its beginning Eureka was a wild town supporting the gold rush with lots of saloons , card rooms and shady enterprises patronized by loggers and sailors.

Saw the Carson Mansion, which is now an all men’s private club.

And the Pink Lady.

Saw the Carter House Inn, a recreation of a house that was destroyed in San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The murals in town were fantastic.

Had Greg over for dinner and we smoked Moink Balls – meatballs wrapped in bacon (cow and pig) – moo and oink.

Wednesday is off to Fort Bragg, California on the coast.

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