November 9 – Klamath, California

Good start this morning as the sun broke out and we didn’t have to drive in the rain – as it was predicted.

Only a twenty mile trip but there were four construction sites on bridges with one lane roads so it took us a few minutes longer – but what the heck – we are in the middle of the Redwoods and who wouldn’t want to take their time viewing the trees along the way.

Arrived at our camp by 10:30 AM and got set up. Nice medium size campground with paved roads and large grass sites with FHU and it was fairly tree clear and had no problem with SAT.

Took the dogs and went to Trees of Mystery – an old Americana tourist trap. After I got there I realized that this has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

I recalled reading the Sunday newspaper’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not as a kid at my grandma’s and they talked about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox and the tall trees – and it was true this tourist trap was featured on the TV show too. Almost felt like a little kid again.kl (6)kl (7)kl (8)kl (9)

They do allow dogs in the park (see why Gretel’s color is called “red”)

and we walked the trails and saw all the impressive redwood trees and the many different forms and names they had taken.

Did get to ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain (dogs’ second ride on a gondola – first was at the Royal Gorge in Colorado).

Even got to see wood cutouts of the story of Paul Bunyan.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Klamath River Overlook – which is 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean – didn’t see any whales but the view was spectacular.

Finally got to do something that I have always wanted to do (since being a kid) and that is to drive thru a tree. We paid our $5 and drove a short road to a 785 year old tree that had been cut to allow you to drive through it – what a thrill.

Also saw an Emu – the wildlife of the area.

Friday woke up to rain and cool weather.

Saw the Klamath Golden Bears on the bridge.

Had a break in the weather and we took off for a tour – visited the Redwoods Coastal Trail – near us. Nice drive along a one lane gravel road above the coast (300 feet above the ocean).

Nice overlook.

Also saw the WW II Radar Station that was a fake farm house.

Klamath was wiped out in 1964 due to excessive rain and flooding of the river.kl (58)
Saturday no rain and cool – lets go.

Headed south further into the NP to explore.

First stop was to travel the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway through the center of the park – NOPE – road closed! Later found out a couple of trees had fallen across the road and they would not get them cleaned up until Monday or so. So we drove 101 to the VC at the opposite end and Brenda got her Jr Ranger badge and I hiked some of the Prairie Creek trail – just love to walk along these trails with these huge Redwood trees – cool and damp.

Did see some elk in the nearby field – they wouldn’t get up.

Took a ride down Davison Road to see more elk – no – but we ended up at Gold Bluffs Beach – they used to mine this area for gold in 1850. Let the dogs run the beach.

Brenda did get caught by the “sneaker wave”.

Didn’t make it to Fern Canyon where Jurassic II was filmed.

Then headed over to the Kuchel VC which is on the Pacific Ocean and saw whales spouting. Got my stamp.

Then drove the Lady Bird Johnson Grove to see her Redwood Grove and where she was when the park was dedicated in 1968. We did hike through a part of it.



Sunday is off to Eureka, California.

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