November 5 – Crescent City, CA

Rain this morning before we left but it paused while I did the outside work of packing up the coach. On the way to California with on and off rain – nothing too extreme. US 199 is narrow and winding through the mountains, but we made it safe.

Arrived at Shoreline RV Park on the coast of California and got our home set up. This is a medium size campground with gravel roads and large gravel sites with a concrete patio. Owner gave us a site on the beach and our front window faces right at the ocean.

Only drawback is a fog horn that goes off every 10 seconds.

There were kite surfers out there with their winter gear – burrrr!

Did take off to visit the VC – local VC closed Sunday Monday – why closed on the weekend?

Then went over to the Redwoods NP VC – yes someone was there. Got the information we needed to explore the NP and my stamp and magnet.

Redwood National and State Park (California joint effort with the Feds started in 1994) created in 1968 and expanded in 1978 has the world’s tallest living trees (370 feet). There are only 5% of the original trees left after drastic logging practices.

Did find the Port O’Pints Brewery and they had some good tasting beer.

Monday sunshine and cool weather – love it!

We left the dogs and took the Howland Hill Road scenic drive through Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park with lots of redwoods – WOW! The trees were huge and tall and close together – again it is a temperate rainforest. The drive was on a one lane gravel road for about 10 miles.

Jedediah Smith is known as one of America’s great explorers being the first to travel to California (1820’s) by land from the settled USA.

There were places you could hardly drive the car through – tight spaces and curves.

Did stop at the Hiouchi Ranger station – saw the movie and got another stamp – Brenda got her Jr Ranger book. These Redwoods are quite impressive – so wide and tall.

After lunch I took the dogs and did the trip again with the Go-Pro – just to try and capture the beauty.

We did stop on Walker Road – a non NP or SP and I could walk the dogs among the Redwoods – we walked about 2 miles – cool and damp but spectacular.

red (40)red (42)Tuesday out the door by 7 AM – yes 7. Brenda and I headed over to the Battery Point Lighthouse – it is on an island and at low tide you can walk to the lighthouse. We got across and walked around the property.

Low and High Tide – which would you cross?

While out so early – why not breakfast – stopped at Vita Cucina Bakery for a chick breakfast – quiche.

Took the dogs and we went back to the lighthouse to get a high tide picture.

Also walked the pier and watched people crabbing – that is fishing for crabs.

Then we went out to Point St. George and walked down by the ocean – you could see the snow-capped mountains in the far background.

You could hear the seals but too far to get a good (44)

Wednesday cold and rainy – light the fireplace and curl up with a good book.

We did get to see kite surfers on the bay – high winds and big waves and even in the rain – right out our front window.

Reading the Legends and Lies by Bill O’Reilly – stories about the Revolutionary War characters.

Dinner and drinks at Seaquake Brewery – good food and drinks and a growler to (65)

Thursday is down the road a short distance to see more Redwoods at Klamath, California.

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