October 31 – Grants Pass, Oregon

I am so tired from this trip – first because I kept turning my head to the west to see the ocean and all its waves – the drive along 101 or the Pacific Coast Highway was just fantastic –


we did stop to enjoy the scenery along the way – even a surfer –

the other reason I am tired is US 199 to Grants Pass through the Redwood Forest was the windiest, hilliest road I have ever been on – it was narrow, it was slow – at least I was – I was exhausted but it was worth it.

We arrived in Grants Pass at the Riverpark RV Resort. Nice small park with lots of trees right on the Rogue River shore – peaceful setting. No SAT.

We are here to help Brenda in her genealogy search – her mother was raised here as a young teenager. So I get to relax and Brenda gets to do her running.

Wild life in the area –

The city states that the name was selected to honor General Ulysses S. Grant’s success at Vicksburg. Grants Pass post office was established on March 22, 1865. The city of Grants Pass was incorporated in 1887.

Wednesday was cool (37) we are at an elevation of 1000 feet above sea-level. No rain but sunshine.

We did some errands in the morning and ate lunch at “In-N-Out”. First time and it was good. The restaurant in Grants Pass did just open 5 days ago and every one from miles around was coming – they had security guards directing traffic and it was packed – but we enjoyed our food.

Did walk around the historic section of town – reminded me of U City – lots of eclectic stores and restaurants and historic buildings in great shape.

gsp (20)Summer days are sunny, dry and hot, with dramatic cooling at night – climate is the best according to them.

Brenda headed over to the library while I watched the river flow past.

Did take some time this afternoon to visit the Climate City Brewing Company for a taste.

Thursday is cold again and Brenda is headed to Klamath Falls (colder with snow coming) to visit with her second cousin to discuss genealogy – I have no car and nothing near me – so we sit.gsp (30)

Lazy day with my puppies!gsp (10)

Brenda made it back before dark and the snow in the mountains came later that evening.

Friday rained overnight and cool 38. We headed over to Medford to visit the flagship of Harry and David Country store. Fact unknown to many but Brenda’s grandmother used to pick pears for H&D in the 40’s and 50’s in this area.gsp (31)

H&D had more food and drink items then I could have ever imagined – the best part was they made sure you got samples of all those items – ate lunch just snacking.

Did the wine sampling then made our purchases.

Medford is a bigger town than we have been in for a while, so we had “miscellaneous” shopping to do.

Finally we had to try one of the 7 breweries in town and visited the Common Block Brewing Company and enjoyed one and a bowl of crab chowder.

Saturday cold again but it is November.

We took off to Cartwright Meat market – having a sale on meats this weekend. Finally found Tri-tip – difficult to find in some areas of the country.  And they have a growler fill station at reasonable prices.

Then went over to Rogue Creamery Farm – a totally robotic milking farm – quite impressive as the cows actually were trained when and where to go to get milked by robots. Had great cheese there.

Then saw the “caveman” statue here in town. Story goes back to local businessmen would don furs and animal skins, marching down Main Street brandishing their ceremonial spiky caveman clubs. The activity was to promote the caverns at nearby Cave Junction.

The imposing representation of primitive man has guarded the entrance to Grants Pass since 1971, when the town’s “Caveman Club” erected him. The caveman is 17 feet tall, on a rock pedestal.

Found the Wild River Pizza and Brewery (original one) and had one for the afternoon – and a growler to go.

We went to the local Barnstormer’s Theatre and saw “The Games Afoot”. The theater was something, less than 200 seats and we were 10 feet from the stage – great acting by the volunteer actors and great storyline.

Grants Pass was a nice town in the lower elevations (1000 feet) of the mountains. More to do here but due to the cold weather and rain we held off from doing many of the outdoor activities.gsp (40)

Sunday is off to Crescent City, California.

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