October 25 – Newport, Oregon

Drove through the enchanted forest to get to the Oregon Coast. Lots of wineries and farm land before we got to the forest section and it was a nice drive west.

Drive along the coast was quite spectacular watching the waves come crashing into the shoreline especially when you are 500 feet about sea-level.

Arrived at Newport Marine and RV Park after lunch and got settled in. Nice medium sized campground with paved roads and paved sites. Clean and orderly. Even have cable TV and Wi-Fi. Right next door to the Rogue Spirits Distillery and Brewery.

The camp host stopped by (twice) and told us things we need to do while we are here.

We then headed over to the Historic Bayfront to walk. Lots of murals.

Lots of seafood and canneries along the bay – lots of commercial fishing in this area – rub elbows with the tourists and fishermen. Lots of restaurants and shops to peruse.

The bridge is one of the 11 designed by C. B. McCullough along the coast and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.new (14)

Our camp host said to make sure to see the sea lions – you couldn’t help but hear them by the edge of the bay. They were camped in different areas by the 100’s.

The dogs were scared when they smelled and heard the seals.

We walked the entire walkway and guess what we found – Rogue Brewery – and yes they had quite the selection of brews especially IPA’s – this was their family pub.

Thursday noticed that Gretel was rubbing her right eye quite a bit so we got a vet appointment in the afternoon. She has a slight eye infection and on meds for a few days.

After she returned we went out to visit Yaquina Bay Lighthouse – only wooden lighthouse on the coast – near us

and we walked the beach – oh how Gretel and Hansel ran and ran and ran – they love the freedom on the beach when we can unleash them.

We drove through Nye Beach which is Newport’s local historic beach area.

Dropped the dogs off and walked over to Rogue Ales World’s Headquarters – what an operation and campus – its huge and all kinds of action. They do have a pub and restaurant adjacent to the harbor – pretty cool and oh so many taps.

new (33)new (34)new (35)

new (36)Friday woke up to 60 degrees and sunshine and the promise of warmer temps.

We headed north to Depoe Bay to enjoy the views along the Oregon Coast.

Stopped at the port and saw the world’s smallest harbor – it was small but the people seemed to enjoy it and lots of boats.

Then went to the Whale Watch Center (which was on the ocean and high above the water) and listened to a ranger talk about the Gray Whales and learned a few things.

Did see numerous whales spouting and diving in the ocean – there are about 3 or 4 residents whales that stay most of the summer season – October is the time they start heading south.

Then walked to a nearby park and got very close to the water and the whales were pretty close too.

Did lunch at The Horn Brewery.

Continued toward home and stopped at Rocky Point Lookout and sure enough more whales.

The Oregon Coast is spectacular – so much water and the high cliffs and beaches – the waves crashing into the shore.

new (70)

We stopped at the Cape Foulweather Lookout.

We did find the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (93 feet high and the tallest on the coast) and visited it. More whales. This area is declared an Outstanding Natural Area.new (90)

Did eat dinner at the South Beach Fish House – not much to look at on the outside but oh was the fish fresh and good – this is where the locals eat.new (91)

Saturday is off to Port Orford, Oregon – another few days on the Oregon Coast.

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