October 16 – Castle Rock, Washington

Oh what a foggy start – I know we are by the ocean and the river and should expect this – so here we go.

Nice drive eastward to Castle Rock, Washington. Arrived at Mt. St. Helens KOA RV Park. Nice medium size park on the side of a hill – terraced lots. Paved roads and nice size gravel sites.

Ventured over to the Mount St. Helens VC but it turned out to be the State of Washington Interpretive Center for the mountain.

She did tell us that if we wanted to see the mountain on a clear day we should do it today and drive an hour further down the road and see the national Park VC – tomorrow it was going to rain.

So we did – beautiful drive with lots of outlooks focusing on Mt. St. Helens. And yes it did rain the next day.

Arrived at the VC and Brenda got her Jr Ranger book and I watched two movies about the volcanic explosion.  After the movie they open the curtain to show you the outside.shs (18)

Mount St. Helens became a national monument in 1982. The mountain exploded on May 18, 1980 – I remember hearing about it in the news from Michigan.

The volcano continued to erupt until 2004 – without a whole lot of fanfare except locally. The big issue was the ash from the eruption that took two weeks to travel around the world.

We learned a whole lot about volcanos listening to the ranger program.shs (22) 57 people were killed and the mountain’s height was reduced by 1300 feet after the eruption. Now the highest point is 8,366.  Postcard depicting the change.shs (21)

Even got to play in the snow.

Did have a nice sunset tonight.

Tuesday woke up to rain and the temp only reached 50 by 2 PM.

You can’t get away from your past – had a call from an attorney in Franklin County about a lawsuit with a house I was involved in 2007 – gave the best info I could remember – surprised the memory came back fairly easy.

Fog is heavy today and not venturing our too far.shs (25)

Spent the day looking up “stuff” – good Wi-Fi here so why not!

Went over to the State of Washington VC for Mount St. Helens – great movie with more details and scenes about the explosion – learned a lot.

Did get out to Parker’s Brewery but found out that they only brew in cool weather because they have no cooling system for their beer – enjoyed time there.

Wednesday is off to Portland, Oregon – something I have been wanting to do for years.

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