October 13 – Ilwaco, Washington

I’m exhausted – the drive was 180 miles and up and down and around the curves and trees. Tough road with lots of logging trucks coming and going and they don’t stop for anyone.

Did stop at one of the beaches within the NP and didn’t quite get down the hill – we were about 200 above sea-level.


Arrived at Eagles Nest RV and Resort. Small campground had paved roads and small grass sites with full hookups. Sitting above the harbor.lcx (5)

Took off to the VC and gathered information.

Went to the Discovery Trail and walked along the beach and the trail. Nice area along the Pacific Ocean.

Too much hiking requires a brew and there was the North Jetty Brewing – had many choices on IPA’s – good beer.

Saturday no rain but cool – only 42. We went to the World Kite Museum – they hold an annual international beach kite festival in August. Even had a “Kite Hall of Fame” – naturally Ben Franklin was listed along with Wright Brothers and others – interesting?

Even had a section as to how kites helped in WWII. Didn’t realize there were that many different kinds of kites.

Since Ilwaco is celebrating their Cranberrian Festival this weekend, we went over to the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation and watched them harvest cranberries –

now I know why the guys on the TV commercials are always standing in water.

Had lunch there and everything was topped with cranberries. Also went through the museum that showed the different methods of harvesting cranberries since they were originally handpicked.

Picked up the dogs and then went to Cape Disappointment State Park – State of Washington requires $10 per day or $30 per year pass to park (visit) their parks – they do have nice parks. Didn’t do the movies because of the dogs but I did get my stamp.

Brenda picked up her Jr. Ranger book to work through – park is located right on the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River – can see both. Great views.

Did hike to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

We did wonder why “Cape Disappointment” and found out that in 1788 John Meares (fur trader) named the area Cape Disappointment after his inability to locate the river’s mouth.

Then moved down the road to the North Head Lighthouse and more hiking to get there. We noticed that Washington does rent out their historic buildings for summer rentals.

Sunday we took off for Astoria, Oregon with the intent to visit Fort Caltsop, a national park historic site (one of the newest one’s in America). We had to stop on the way to help Brenda finish her book.

We stopped at Fort Columbia State Park.

We stopped at Dismal Nitch – along the Columbia River where L&C were stuck during a November storm for 6 days – all parts of Lewis and Clark’s trip.lcx (56)

Then we crossed over the Astoria – Megler Bridge (almost 5 miles)  – the last connection between a complete route from Mexico to Canada.

Then over to Fort Steven’s but it turned out it was not part of L&C trip but was used by the military 1904 to 1944.

Now I’m hungry so over to Buoy Brewing Company for lunch – must be a popular place – it was packed and so we ate at the bar – and the food took forever but it was good – also replenished my growler supply with an Oatmeal Stout.

The Brew Pub was located inside an old cannery on the river and they had sea lions under the boardwalk.

Back over to Fort Caltsop, and watched the movie and got my stamp for Lewis and Clarks Corps of Discovery.

Brenda did get her badge.

We now have seen the beginning of the L&C journey (St. Louis – actually Illinois) and the end here in Astoria. Note to self: future trip to follow the journey of Lewis and Clark – by motorhome not canoe and horses.lcx (71)

Did stop at the Oregon Film Museum – to preserve Oregon made films (over 300 filmed in Oregon) – located in the County Jail that was part of the Goonies movie. But they were closing so we did not get to see it.lcx (70)

Will say that this area (both sides of the Columbia River) have lots to do and this would be a great place to spend the summer – note to self.

Monday is off to Mount St. Helen.

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  1. Continuing to enjoy your interesting stories of your travels, I was expecting you to say this was a return trip back to the place when you there with Lewis and Clark tho…..Lol ….stay safe my friend.


  2. “Sloth love Chunk.” Did you look for One-eye Willies treasure?


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