October 10 – Forks, Washington

One of the great things about traveling is learning all the new things that there are out there to learn!

Had drizzles as we traveled west along 101. fwa (4)I was thinking that we will be on US 101 for the next two months – on and off – should be quite the journey along the Pacific Ocean.

Crescent Lake (glacier carved lake) along the way was impressive – huge lake with the mountains on each side and lots of trees. The road ran adjacent to the water and was quite enjoyable.

We did have some construction that delayed us in one spot for 30 minutes.

Did arrive at Forks 101 RV park and got a spot – no reservation – called earlier and she said the season was over not to worry about finding a space. Small campground with gravel roads and grass sites but full hook ups with 50 A and it’s a Passport America which means the cost was only 15 dollars a day – no wifi or cable but SAT was great.

After lunch we took off for Olympic NP and the Hoh Rain Forest section – they get 12 feet of rain here annually.

Did the VC and got my stamp but no movie – Brenda got her patch for the ocean booklet.

We did some hiking in the rainforest and it was amazing – cold – damp – lots of growth – no bugs.

Also saw the Large Spruce Tree but it had fallen down.

On the way back we stopped at the Forks VC – did you know that the Twilight teen vampire movies were centered in Forks. Author wanted a ridiculously rainy location – oh so right. They have the pickup trucks and other stuff from the movie on display, even a trail to see all the movie sites.

Wednesday woke up to rain overnight but finally it cleared late morning and the temp is still in the low 40’s.

Took the gang and we went out to Rialto Beach – still part of the national park system. WOW the Pacific Ocean is there in all its glory. The waves were rolling in with all its power – about 5 feet high.

Walking the beach was tough as it was made up of small rounded rocks. No compaction so you were always sinking in. Dogs didn’t like it either.fwa (28)

Did see more Twilight stuff – this is the area where the Indians and Jacob and his pack lived.fwa (26)

Went over to La Push – the native Quileute Indian Reservation. Great views of the ocean.

Thursday rain again – we are in the rainiest city in America. Went out for breakfast today – need those eggs and sausage.

Did some shopping – bought a one gallon shop-vac. Also visited the hospital featured in the Twilight movie and the outfitter shop that Bella worked at.

Also the city is celebrating “Heritage Shirt” Day – those striped shirts – white and blue – not too sure why.

Went to visit the Timber Museum – this is a big logging area “Logging Capital of the World” in the 1970’s. Lots of good displays and information about the timber industry – learn something new all the time.

Also saw the Forks Loggers Memorial – all those who died in the line of duty.

Friday is off to Ilwaco, Washington down by the coast and the Oregon border.

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