October 6 – Port Angeles, Washington

Before leaving Bremerton, Brenda went into the library and did family research and was able to find out some new information about her grandfather.

Easy drive across the Olympic Peninsula – beautiful scenery and curvy roads but we made it safe and sound. pawa (1)

Arrived at Elwha Dam RV Park, medium size park, wooded, and decent size sites. Took us two moves (on the site) to get SAT but we do have TV and Brenda is happy.

Saturday it rained overnight but the morning has brought sunshine. I didn’t know but do now that the Olympic Peninsula is the rainiest area of the USA with over 12 feet of rain.

What you do to keep the drawer from sliding out while driving.pawa (4)

Rained on and off today. We did visit the Olympic NP Visitor’s Center which is in a temporary building due to renovation of the original. Did get my stamp and magnet – no movie.

The rangers said that the most visited site – Hurricane Ridge – was being snowed on today we skipped it and will do tomorrow when better weather is moving in – we hope!

The Olympic NP was protected in 1938 as a NP. It is also a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. This park includes the Coast, Rain Forests and Mountains. The glaciers separated the peninsula from the rest of the US and because of that separation there are 20 animals and plants here that are nowhere else in the world.

Went to the Crab Fest – downtown Port Angeles – supposed to be the biggest Crab Fest in North America – might agree as there was 1000 of people eating and mingling around.

We had their paella, oysters and scallops and a beer and a wine.

Very tasty but cool outside – where all of this was taking place. pawa (16)Skipped the $30 Dungeness Crab meal which everyone else was partaking of and the line was hours long. You could even catch your own right out of a tank and have it cooked right there.

Sunday we made it to church and then headed to the top of the National Park at Hurricane Ridge VC.  Snow still on the ground.

Oh what a drive. I am so impressed how the national parks have made their road system so unobtrusive – while driving you feel that you are just in the middle of nowhere and no one else is around – no commercial or residential development.

Brenda did get her Jr. Ranger badge.

The views on top were so spectacular.  Mount Olympic is 7,980 feet high.

Did a little hiking on top, you could see Vancouver Island across the bay – a little hazy.

Found the Barhop Brewing Company and had a beer and watched the ending to the Seattle Rams game. It’s amazing how excited these Seattle fans can get.

Monday is our day to relax – and smoked Beef Ribs (for the first time) and they turned out like advertised – Prime Rib on a Stick.

Did take the dogs on a long hike to the largest dam removal project in history. The Elwha River now flows freely and after 100 years the salmon have returned.pawa (7)

Port Angeles has many things to do and need to spend more time (later). You can take a ferry to Vancouver Island, lots of stores and things to along the harbor – even more to explore on Olympic Mountain. A bike trail – Olympic Discovery Trail – that goes all along the northern portion of the peninsula –didn’t get a chance to ride.

Tuesday is off to Forks, Washington.

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  1. It’s great to see that we’re now discovering that building dams, highways, bridges, etc…isn’t always the best solution to a problem and we’re attempting to simply enjoy what nature has to offer. Keep those pics coming!


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