October 3 – Mt. Rainier, WA

Oh how I hate traffic and traffic jams – that’s all I experienced leaving Seattle – glad we are out of town.

Drive to Mt Rainer NP was smooth and scenic. The road was narrow and curvy in many places.

Arrived at Mounthaven Cabins and RV Park about noon. Nice campground just outside the national park. Very wooded (no SAT) but large sites and full hook ups. I think we are the only ones here.

Took off in the afternoon to the Visitor’s Center to see the movie, get the stamp and magnet. Parking lot was full and lots of people milling around and hiking.mr (6)mr (7)mr (8)

Mount Rainier is 14,410 feet high and sticks up all by itself in the middle of the area. It is the tallest mountain in the Cascades and is still considered an active volcano. It is one of tallest mountains from the base at 11,000 feet above the rest of the area. And the most glaciated peak in the continental United States.

“Of all the fire mountains which like beacons once blazed along the Pacific Coast, Mount Rainier is the noblest” John Muir

Mount Rainer NP was established in 1899 and was our fifth NP.

Lots of trails to hike but no dogs allowed on the trails.

Great views of the mountain.mr (30)mr (31)mr (37)mr (38)

Lots of waterfalls along the road.

Did have a deer come into our campground.

Wednesday woke up to 38 degrees – oh burrrr! But we expected that since we are in the mountains and at an elevation of 1860.

Visited museum of the early days – check out the size of this long.

We took off with a lunch and the puppies and headed east through the park.

We stopped along the way at the many different viewpoints and ogled at the mountains and trees and waterfalls.

Ate lunch at one of the viewpoints and just sat in awe.

Made it to the other end – another visitor’s center but it was closed for the season – we forget that snow and cold don’t allow you to be open all year. So I missed my stamp from that location.

Had to drive into a small town down the road to get phone service – we both had a couple of calls to make – you forget that there are places that don’t have phone service.mr (45)

Mt. Rainier NP was the first NP to have been designed to avoid disturbances to the natural beauty and they did a wonderful job – you don’t even realize you are in a tourist area – you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

Did see an elk along the road.mr (51)

Went out for dinner tonight at Copper Creek Inn. We assumed since it was in the middle of nowhere that we would have no problem being served at 6 PM – Right – we had a wait – I guess everyone eats there or it’s the only one in the area. Food was delicious.

Thursday is off to Bremerton, Washington.

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  1. WOW, beautiful pictures. Are you using your gopro while driving??


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