September 22 – Bellingham, Washington

Last night was a rough night – up every 10 minutes to hit the washroom (as the Canadians call it) – and it hurt. I have something wrong and I need to get to the USA for doctor service soon.

Change of plans – instead of visiting Victoria we need to get to Bellingham, Washington to visit a clinic. We took the ferry out of Nanaimo to Vancouver

– nice two hour ride – scenery was nice but the mountains were in the distance.

On the way I passed a kidney stone – oh what a relief!


Got to customs (8th time in 4 months) and finally had to pull over for an thorough inspection – they took our tangerines and garlic and we were off.DSC_0018

Always glad to see this sign and I will always stand!DSC_0022

Arrived at Bellingham RV Park, a nice small park with paved roads and gravel sites with grass in-between – nicest campground in a while. Good Wi-Fi.

Hurried over to the walk-in clinic and they reviewed my case and yes it was a kidney stone and gave me antibiotics in case of an infection. Feel so much better.

We lost 9 days in Canada so now we have 9 extra days here or wherever we want to spend them – no hurry to get down the Pacific Coast.

Saturday is ‘thank God I am feeling better’ and let’s catch up and see what’s next and start planning Journey 3.

We did go to Bellingham’s Visitor’s Center and gathered info and wandered around downtown and the harbor and you guessed it – Wander Brewery. Okay brews and dog friendly and lots of people.

Sunday we were finally able to find a church to worship in – been a while and felt good – needed that – especially the sermon about love is not complaining while doing something for someone you love.

After church we found the Rocket Bakery – read about it as the place to go – so we did. Great donuts!

Worked on paper work and watched football in the afternoon – but we need to find a brewery (area is noted for breweries) – this time was Chuckanut Brewery – nice brews had a British IPA – not as hoppy.

Did get my haircut.IMG_3724

Monday woke up to a drizzle. On and off during the day but who cares – we don’t have any schedule and if we feel like doing nothing that is okay.

Did have to get an oil change for the Sonic and it turned into a 50,000 mile maintenance update that cost a few bucks more than an oil change. But we are good for another 6,000 miles.

As we do “the day before we move” we usually go out for dinner – off to Aslan Brewery – good meal and organic beer.

Tuesday is off to North Cascades National Park.

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