August 17 – On the way to Skagway, AK

Left Fairbanks with overcast weather and 48 degrees. Beginning to see fall come to Alaska – yes this is that time of the year – at least in Alaska.

On the way to Anchorage (for a repair – the part had finally come in) we stopped at Denali NP (love that place) and Brenda wanted a T-shirt that was out of stock when we were there earlier – she did get her shirt.

Did stop at a Denali lookout point along the way but did not see the big mountain due to cloud cover – which is normal about 70% of the time.

This is not my picture but what it should have looked like.IMG_3626

This was a long drive of 375 miles, which I try to avoid but sometimes (for repairs) you do what you have to. Arrived at Cabela’s by dinner time and it started to rain and we ate left overs and crashed (rested).

One of the things that I was fascinated with Alaska was the number of standalone coffee shops. They say there are more coffee shops per person than any other state. The names are unique.

Friday headed over to the Winnebago dealer by 7:30 AM and left the Wienerbago in their capable hands. Getting new slide mechanisms and motors for the big slide on the passenger’s side. I guess it was under-designed because the new one is totally different and looks a lot stronger.

We spent the day trying to keep busy in the rain (on and off) and we visited different parks and took the dogs for hikes. We did eat downtown (reindeer hotdog) from a street vendor – yummy!

Got back to the dealer at 5:30 P and they said I needed to bring it back tomorrow at 10 AM for a little bit more work – okay that’s feasible – I didn’t think they worked on Saturday and was expecting to be stuck here until Monday.

We parked again in Cabela’s parking lot along with 30 other RVers.

We left for dinner to Midnight Sun Brewing Company. Extremely busy but we finally found a corner to sit and had Pulled Pork Poutine (northern dish with tater tots and cheese curds). Very yummy and comforting.

Saturday got the coach over to Winnebago at 10 and sat and waited. About noon they rolled it to the front door and said you are set to go. I won’t say what the damages are but it ain’t cheap. But I will say the dealership treated me well!

On we go heading to Delta Junction. Some good scenery and some not so good scenery but Brenda wanted to stop at the Wrangell – St. Elias NP and buy a T-shirt. Got there about 5 and I was ready to call it quits for the day. We stopped at Boardwalk RV Park in Glennallen and for $25 we got full hook ups – why not – get caught up on chores and not push the last 160 miles to Delta Junction. Besides I got 3 growlers in the frig and one needs to go.

Sunday woke up to 46 – winter must be setting in here in the north – time to head south. But we are still heading north to get to the end of the Alaskan Highway – which I haven’t completed yet.

Drive up Richardson Drive was beautiful as the day was back and forth with sunny and cloudy. The mountains in the background were just wonderful to look at.

No wildlife along the way – the bad thing is we usually drive during the animals down time – they like to move early morning and late evening and I’m not driving in the dark just to see wildlife.

Did stop to see the Alaskan Pipeline crossing the highway.

Did stop at the Delta Junction VC and had my picture with the End of the Alaskan Highway sign. When we leave here we will have driven the entire Alaskan Highway (1422 miles) – great adventure.

We did arrive at Snowed Inn RV Park and there was no one here – pretty quiet. Manager got us signed in and we are here – it’s an open field with full hook ups – not bad for one night.

Brenda did some grocery shopping and then we visited the local museum – the Sullivan Roadhouse. Roadhouses were established during the gold rush located about 30 miles apart and gave the men heading north a place to stay and eat and rest.

Monday we head east to cross the Canadian border and then Skagway, Alaska.

Did notice the wildflowers are beautiful.

Trip east wasn’t bad for many miles, road was smooth and mountains were in front of us. Nothing special happened on this section of highway but I can say is that I have driven the Alaskan Highway from one end to the other.

We got to Tok (the city that you have to visit twice – once in and once out of Alaska). Need fuel, DEF and oil and wanted to find a souvenir license plate cover that said “I drove the Alaskan Highway” but it was nowhere to be found.

Did stop at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge.

Did get to the Canadian border and had no trouble crossing – I did lie and said I had no wildlife I was transporting across the border – I wasn’t about to give up my Salmon and Halibut to anyone.

The road east from the border was terrible – gravel – potholes – frost heaves –bumps – very slow going.

We did find a historic milepost at Beaver Creek, Canada – not many left because some people have stolen them.DSC_0062

We made it to Discovery Yukon Inn and RV Park (half way to Whitehorse) and settled in for the night.

This park is out in the middle of nowhere and I do mean nowhere – in fact they generate their own power with a diesel powered generator that runs 24/7 and you hear the hum all day and night.

Nice campground though, large sites and nice scenery – mountains in the background.IMG_3629

Tuesday is off to Whitehorse. The road is terrible and driving is slow and it’s raining – who is surprised?

Made it to Haines Junction (we stayed here before) and visited the local bakery (which we didn’t the first time) and had a cinnamon roll then lunch. Also got to stop at the Kluane NP and buy the magnet I forgot to do when we were here before.

One thing I have noticed is that the campgrounds are not as busy as they were in the spring when we first came through. Not having a problem with getting a site.

We arrived in Whitehorse about 3 (we lost an hour when we came into Canada but we are not changing our clocks). Called Hi Country Rv Park and they did have a variety of sites so we settled in there. Only have a 20 amp service which doesn’t matter too much because we surely don’t need AC when the temp is only 55.

Decided dinner out would be good and when I asked Brenda where she immediately said Klondike Rib and Salmon Restaurant. Ate there last time we were in town and it was good. This time we had Elk Stroganoff and Venison Stew and the food was delicious.

Wednesday was supposed to be off to Skagway but we had an issue with a flat tire. Found a dealer to work on it and it turned out the inner tires (on the duals in the rear) one would not hold air anymore and the other inner tire was almost bald – so two new tires and they happened to have them in stock – go ahead and by 3 PM we were on the road – won’t make comment on the cost.

We did visit the world’s longest wooden fish ladder – it’s amazing the amount of effort to protect our salmon so that they could continue to spawn up stream over the dam – I agree it’s important to protect our natural resources.

It is raining and 50 degrees and so we decided to stay another night in Whitehorse. Try a new campground – Caribou RV Park – not again – cable TV doesn’t work and free Wi-Fi was for 10 minutes – only one night!

Thursday is off to Skagway, Alaska.

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