June 10 – Watson Lake, Yukon

I just have a hard time explaining the beauty of the scenery in this area of Canada – it is so spectacular – I just want to do this again and again – I will be back.

The only issue was fuel and did I have enough to make it to a city – the lodges (small stops that have a gas station and restaurant) along the highway charge 8 dollars a gallon – I think I have enough and I am going to go for it – to get ahead of the story we did make it on our existing fuel.

We saw two bears along the way (only one did we get a pic but he was right next to the coach).

Did see bison – lots of them.

And we found an historic mile marker – people are stealing them and they are so rare.DSC_0011

Also found the dividing line between Yukon and British Columbia.

Arrived in Watson Lake about lunch time and checked to see if we could get in at one of the campgrounds – they had space. We arrived at Tags RV and gas station and was put in the back parking lot. Space is tight but it is only for two nights.

Did the Visitor’s Center and Interpretative Center. Good movie on the Yukon and the effect of the Alaskan Highway coming through – learned some new information about the highway.

Did walk through the Sign Forest part way (It was raining) but will come back with an umbrella if I have to. I do have a sign to post.

Had rain on and off all evening, good night to cuddle and watch a movie.

Woke up to cooler weather (40 with a high of 50).

Went to the Visitor’s Center to use Wi-Fi but it wasn’t too fast so I couldn’t post my blog – I am behind.DSC_0044

Prepped my sign (they provided the paint and brushes and nails and hammer) and posted it in the forest. Coordinates if you are ever there are 60* 3’ 48” N – 128* 42’ 51” W.

If you think that is a lot of signs, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Number there at last count.DSC_0017 (2)

Then we drove out of town to get the Welcome to the Yukon sign which I missed coming in.DSC_0025 And this place is bigger than life.

Then had lunch at Katie’s Diner (only 4 restaurants in town and no corporate).

Then went to the Northern Lights Centre that offered two movies 1) how our climate and earth work together 2) how the Aurora Borealis happens and had scenes of some from the past (awesome as they were in an IMAX theatre.

Monday we are off to Whitehorse, Yukon Canada.

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