June 6 – Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Started the trip at Mile Zero on the Alaskan Highway. DSC_0051Two lane road for the next 1600 miles. Not a whole lot of scenery in this part of Canada except trees and more trees. Not much development along the way except for logging camps, oil fields and compressor stations. I would assume there is a lot of pipelines running south and the pressure needs to be boosted.along the road

Stopped at the Kiskatinaw River bridge (mm 21), the only remaining curved wood truss bridge still in operating condition from the original Alaskan Highway. They have improved the road by eliminating a lot of curves and grades and reduced the length by 40 miles, therefore this bridge is not on the main highway anymore.

Before crossing the bridge, I noticed the sign and panicked – DSC_0002what is the weight of my coach in Kgs? Then my engineering memory came back and remembered 2.2 pounds per Kg and I was okay.

Stopped at a turnout for lunch, 7 other RVs there. Everyone is headed to Alaska. Seems like everyone we run into now is headed that way – hope they have enough room for us all. Though I am starting to see RVs on their way south already.

Arrived at Triple G Hideaway Campground – did call ahead about an hour ago to see if they have room- and yes they did. Lots of sites here and it is crowded. Gravel roads and sites but they are level. Full hook up with 30 amps but who needs a lot of AC in Canada.

We went for a hike in the local park, Demonstration Forest trails, to help Brenda keep her step goal of 10,000 each day. I will losing weight if I keep up with her. Did stop for a root beer float afterwards to counteract the calorie loss.

Wednesday Brenda wanted to visit the Quilt store and finish up with some shopping. After lunch we visited the Fort Nelson Heritage museum (It’s highly recommended by the magazines) – WOW! It’s a walking adventure.

This local fella Marl Brown DSC_0055started collecting cars many years back and his collection of cars and other stuff has grown. All of the antique cars are running and he has made some famous treks with them (x to c). Most eclectic collection of stuff I have ever seen – it’s worth the $3 to get in.

Theme of the museum is transportation and he even had machinery from building the Alaskan Highway and many other vehicles.

An albino MooseDSC_0051

Wooden water pipes DSC_0078(I remember removing similar pipes my early days as an engineer).

We did meet our neighbors next door whom happen to come out of Alton, Illinois – small world. They are full time and winter in Texas. Unfortunately he broke his axle on his 5th wheel and is now delayed maybe 2 weeks. They are heading to Alaska with friends whom they insisted go ahead of them – that would be a difficult situation to deal with.DSC_0092

Thursday is off to Muncho Lake.


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