June 3 – Dawson Creek, British Columbia Canada

Leaving the prairie heading west to the Rockies – the scenery is fields and trees. If you want open space and quiet this is the place to come. Not a whole lot here.along the road

Arrived at Dawson Creek – the beginning of the Alaskan Highway – mile marker zero.

Now in Pacific Standard Time Zone on Daylight savings time.

Found a spot at Mile 0 RV Park which is a city park – which I think every city should have. Manager upgraded me to a paved site with FHU. Area is open so we have SAT.

Satellite didn’t work good and finally got in touch with the antenna people. Because we are so far north the antenna points almost level and has too many interferences at that low level – no Today show for me – oh my!

We have continued to see this sign and wondered what it was all about. DSC_0059 Turns out that if there is an emergency everyone shows up at this location.

This park has the Walter Wright Pioneer Village within it of the old original buildings from the local town and the history.

Staying 3 days to catch up and plan our next stretch of the trip.

Went out to Alcan Smokehouse for my birthday dinner – everything is smoked – including the vegetables and dessert. We got the sampler plate which was more than enough for both of us. And if you like smoky foods they know how to do it.

And you know how I love roundabouts –

the surveyor is a reminder of all the men it took to build the Alaskan Highway.

Pictures of Downtown.

Sunday took off for a bike ride (trail comes right up to the park) and got about 2 miles and tire blew out (I did hit a sharp bump) and the walk back was 1-1/2 miles (short cut) – good thing weather was nice.

Today is our day of rest – no exploring or hiking. Decided to smoke ribs – oh and they turned out good!

Monday off again on the bike and made it to the end of the trail system and 8 miles round trip. The trail is only 6 feet wide and is old and rough in locations but it connects a variety of parks.

Visited the Alaskan Highway House which was an interpretative Center for the construction of the highway. Watched the one hour movie – wow! Learned a lot.

•1523 miles from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks.
•11,000 US troops and 16,000 civilians help build it in 1942 – took 8 months, 12 days to construct.
•Almost 4,000 black men were sent and the army wondered if they could survive the cold – they did great.
•Road built to provide supplies to Alaska to fight off the Japanese attacking Alaska which they did conquer part of the Aleutian Islands.
•133 bridges and 8,000 culverts installed.

This is an amazing story and civil engineering feat – I was impressed!

We have been in Canada for about 800 miles so far and we have noticed there is a lot of Canadian Tire stores – I thought they sure have the market on tires – NOT – found out they were an all-inclusive hardware store with all kinds of items – we visited and purchased some pellets for the grill.IMG_3265

Also stopped at Safeway Liquor store and they had (I wish a self-dispenser) dispenser of different wine bottles to sample.IMG_3258

Stopped at the Alberta Pool Elevators Art Gallery (1930) and enjoyed seeing some local art and pics from the Alaskan Highway construction. Unique use of an old grain elevator. Amazing the sloped ramp up the inside walls of the elevator.

They were painting the famous Alaskan Sign the day we showed up for pics.

There were many suggested side trips that we didn’t have time to see so maybe next time we come this way we will have to go there.

Tuesday is off to Fort Nelson or as far as we can get after we wash the coach.

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