June 1 – Hinton, Alberta Canada

Leaving the Canadian Rockies and feeling sad. What a wonderful past few weeks with all the mountains and trees. But now heading into the flat lands.

Nice drive with the mountains in the rear view mirror. A lot of construction on the roads going on with flagman and single lanes – time to slow down.

Brenda did spot 10 Big Horn Sheep along the road and we did get to stop.

Arrived at Cars RV shop in Hinton for a toilet repair. I knew things weren’t going to go well when I arrived early and they had no space to park, the part hadn’t been delivered yet (it was delivered while I was waiting), the repair guy had no idea how to get the handle off (after I read the directions “we” figured it out).

We had to remove the toilet and eventually we figured out how to replace the part and put it back together. Reinstalled toilet but it didn’t work properly. Took toilet out again and redo previous work with handle. After 1-1/2 hours we got it to work.

Checked out with sales person and I hinted that she wasn’t going to charge me for the full time – she agreed and it only cost ¾ of an hour. Glad to move on – that is part of traveling – not sure who is the best or worst mechanics.

Did find a campground to rest for the night – the local KOA.

After dinner, Brenda and I went to the Beaver Boardwalk (Canada’s longest freshwater boardwalk) in Hinton. This is a wetland area that the city has created a boardwalk around a beaver dam. Did not see any beavers (supposed to be a dozen) but you could sure see their work. Neat experience.

Friday is off to Grand Prairie, Canada.DSC_0061Scenic maybe but not smooth.

Drive was rough as the road was rough – lots of frost heaves. Sometimes only 35 mph and the truckers behind me not happy – I did pull over when I could.

Lots of signs warning of caribou but we didn’t see one.

Stopped at Grand Cache for break and lunch. Wondered about the name of the town and found out that during the pioneer days the trappers would store their skins in caches and this area became a central place for shipping out animal skins.

Arrived at Tamarack RV Park on the south side of Grande Prairie. One night stay so not too concerned but gravel roads and unlevel sites. Lots of trees and mosquitos (lots of low areas holding water).

Oh and before we arrived the roads were so muddy (had some rain) that the car and RV was covered with mud- felt embarrassed.

Went into town and went to Muskoseepi Park

– all the literature recommended it – sure enough it was a great park with walking trails (28 km) and lots of activities to do – naturally the river runs through it.

Didn’t know that the basket was in the middle of the lake and asked a local, he indicated they play with kayaks and a stick (assume like lacrosse) and try and get the ball in the net – why now every one probably has a kayak.

I noticed that more Canadian city parks have Frisbee golf than American ones.

The other thing I have noticed is that every other house has an RV parked in the driveway – I assume the other half is out camping – outdoors is the only thing to do up here.

Grand Prairie had a lot more to offer but we were only there for a day – in fact the Stompede (rodeo) was going on and our time didn’t allow us to attend.

After a long and vigorous walk (tough to keep up with Brenda) we stopped at Grande Prairie Brewery but they had closed the tasting room and sent us next door to Maddhatters Bar to taste their beer. Good beer and good bartenders.DSC_0031

Saturday is off to Dawson Creek.

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