May 27 – Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Early start as we have no reservations (can’t make them until June for the only campground in Lake Louise).

Road traveled was easy (Canada does maintain their roads well) and I can easily understand after buying diesel fuel at $3.15 per gallon.

Passed under some animal crossings (they allow the wild life to cross the road without dealing with traffic) – no more questions like why did the chicken cross the road? My understanding is that each crossing was $2 million. They look nice.

Arrived at Lake Louise Campground a little after 9 and found a site and was settled by 10 AM. Never been that early before, but in the NP it is first come first serve.

Did go into town to check out the visitor’s center and was it busy – they even had security directing traffic at the stop signs to hurry up traffic.

Headed off for Yoho NP in British Columbia.

Yoho became a NP in 1901 and a few years later a scientist discovered the Burgess Shale Fossils which showed marine fossils in the area more than 505 million years ago. There are 36 mountain peaks extending above 3000 meters and the Cree expression Yoho means “awe and wonder”. So true!

Beautiful drive. Stopped first at Marble Canyon and did some hiking.

Stopped by the Spiral Tunnels. Because the grade to get over the mountains was so steep (and they had so many accidents) they bore into the mountain and created a spiral to go up at a gradual grade within the mountain. There was two of them in the area.

Then to the Yoho NP Visitor’s Center and Brenda worked on her book.

I walked the dogs around. We were near the river and Gretel noticed a duck not too far away – she jumped in the water – never done that before – she immediately got out (please note this river is melting snow and it is cold).

DSC_0018Gretel. is not dead but shaking off the water.  Couldn’t get a pic in the water.

Went on to Emerald Lake and sat on an avalanche of snow.

Then the Natural Bridge with the Kicking Horse River flowing under it.DSC_0068DSC_0064

Then up the road to the Takakkaw Falls but the road was closed and not open until June. This is the tallest waterfall in Canada (992 feet) but plan your trip during warmer weather if you want to see it.

If you don’t like train whistles, this isn’t the campground for you – train goes by numerous times during the day and the tracks are adjacent to the campground. You can wave to the engineer.

Sunday not able to find a church but as some say “you can find God in nature”. And the nature around here sure shows off God’s great creativity and ability in making things spectacular.

Headed up to Lake Louise – they recommend you go early or you won’t find a parking place – it was packed – good thing we have a small car. This is the most photographed location in the Canadian Rockies – people were all over taking their photos – it was amazing. The lake is replenished from snow melt and glacier water.

The town of Lake Louise is a small town with a few stores and restaurants.

We hiked to the other end of the lake – the dogs were great. The views were great. The lake was still frozen – its Memorial Weekend what’s going on?

The emerald color of the water comes from the glacier silt as it melts off the glaciers. Amazing colors.

When you arrived near the lake you could feel the coldness off the ice hit you even though the temp was warm in the parking area.

Saw snow skiers and rock climbers.

After Lake Loraine we went over to Moraine Lake – again it was frozen. Dogs weren’t too happy with walking on the snow on the ground.

I will say that one of the main activities in Canadian NP is hiking – better have strong legs.  Much more to do.

Monday is north to Jasper National Park.

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