May 21 – Calgary, Canada

Great weather for a drive – about 60 degrees F and sunny. Scenery has not changed for many miles – I believe Alberta is all farming – lots of grain bins and field – every corner has a tractor dealer on it.

Leaving our campground – the bridge is right there

Took a break along the road and the dogs realized this is where ground squirrels live.

They went nuts looking.

Arrived in Calgary about noon – huge city – population is over 1.2 million.

Arrived at Calgary West Campground and found our spot. Nice campground on a hill side slope next to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Campground had gravel roads with gravel sites that are level. Good SAT.

Had lunch then ventured out to explore. Found the Boxness Park (adjacent to the Box River) – Wow it was packed – remember the weather is sunny and 75 – its summer in the north.

The park was similar to Forest Park in STL but not as big. We walked the trails and watched the train (small scale) go by. Dogs enjoyed their walk.

Notice dogs are bigger up north.

Then to the Wild Rose Brewery to relax for the afternoon. Met a couple for Calgary and had a good discussion about the social issues of the area and good beer.

Monday is Victoria Day and a holiday here in Canada.

Let’s talk about stupid mistakes – I noticed the hose was leaking at the coach and thought I should take care of it – I did by replacing the washer. Thought I heard water still running but decided to walk the dogs. A little bit later Brenda comes running down the street yelling “hurry up!” Get to the coach and see water running off the roof down the sides – oh s—! Quickly turned the water off and walked inside to find the toilet overflowing. Checking my connection I realized that instead of connecting to the city water line I connected to the Flush the Toilet line and it had filled up and water was running out the roof vent pipe – oh what a mess. Got it all cleaned up without any damage to anything except my pride.

Time to explore so off we go to the Olympic Center.

Toured Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and it included all the Canadian sports including baseball and football. Saw the Grey Cup – Canadian Super Bowl and my nephew played and helped win the cup for the Montreal Alouettes in 2009 and 2010.Eric Wilson

Didn’t recognize a lot of names but maybe Wayne Gretzky, Bobbie Hull, and a few others.DSC_0030

Basketball was invented by a Canadian, in fact they had a lot of influence in our world.

Walked the grounds and saw the bobsled run and the ski jumps. They have lots of extreme things to do – I’m not an extreme person at this age.

Time for lunch at National Brewery – oh what a selection of beers with many guest taps. And it was Happy Hour all day.DSC_0111

Since today is a holiday downtown had free parking and we walked the streets.

Impressive downtown street scape with a great walking area. Lots of stores, restaurants and people.

Saw the tower (627 feet and it was western Canada highest observation deck) but we didn’t go up.DSC_0095

Great city park called Olympic Park.

Ground squirrels must be a big deal in town too. They had a whole wall of them.

Some of our homeless friends who wanted their picture taken.DSC_0063

Then went over to the Great Stampede Park and walked around. The big party is in July and supposed to be North America richest rodeo.

Will have to return to Calgary, we didn’t put a dent into the things to do. In fact they have a Greenway (Mattamy) around the entire city that is 138 km of pathways.

Tuesday is off to Banff National Park.

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