May 19 – Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Heading north with the “hope” of warmer weather. At least it is dry and sunny.

The rest of Montana was nothing to brag about or send pictures – I have never seen so many huge ranches of crops.

We did see 3 Pronghorn deer along the highway – driving too fast to get a pic.

Finally arriving at the border – IMG_3193I have long dreaded this moment – heard horror stories from some RVers. We were ready – had all our paperwork together. We did admit that we had a can of pepper spray and that was considered a concealed weapon and we gave it up – it was about to expire soon anyways. They asked us 3 times if we had a concealed weapon (besides the pepper spray) I assumed they figured we were from Texas and everyone has a gun.

We did get rid of our herb plants (let Amanda babysit them) and did not have excess booze on board – now to find the nearest liquor store.

Did not get pulled over for a further inspection as the two previous RVers did in front of us.

Hit the first visitor’s center along the highway and gathered information for Alberta.  Great photo op.IMG_3195

We did visit the adjacent town and change $200 into $266 Canadian Dollars at the local bank.IMG_3205

Please note that before I made this trip I purchased the book “Milepost”. It has mile by mile indications of everything along the various routes to Alaska. They let you know where fuel stations, campsites, things to see and things to avoid along the road, even lets you know when the wild life could be a problem. It has been such a great help.

The rest of the trip was not too spectacular except seeing the Rocky Mountain way to the west from the highway and the snow covered peaks.

Arrived at Bridgeview RV Park in Lethbridge. Nice park with paved roads and level gravel sites. They tried to make me stay 3 days because this weekend is Long May Weekend (Victoria Days) (perhaps similar to our Memorial Day) and I protested saying I wasn’t making a reservation but I drove up and just wanted two nights. They finally agreed to waive the requirement since the park was about half empty.

What is funny – Temp is cool and I see everyone with shorts on – I have my big boy pants on and they are acting like it summer – 0h those Canadians.

The other issue is the metric and dollars – heard it was 14 at Jasper NP and thought “what have I done” about arriving too early in the year, but realized it is in Celsius and not Fahrenheit. I can handle 57 degrees.

If you noticed the name of our campground is Bridgeview and that’s because it is located right below the High Level Bridge, called a viaduct by the Canadian Pacific Railway engineers. IMG_3202It is the longest-highest bridge of its type in the world. Built it 1909 it was described as one of the “wonders of the world”, it is one mile long and 314 feet high.

Excuse too many pictures as an engineer it was quite impressive.

Saturday couldn’t miss the pancake breakfast at the campground hall. Brenda went with me and we enjoyed grilled pancakes and sausage.

First had to stop at the local TELUS dealer (similar to our Verizon) as I kept getting messages about roaming and the extra charges. I have unlimited Verizon which was supposed to delete the extra charges. Salesman assured me that they and Verizon are co-partners and there would be no extra charge.

We then took off to explore downtown Lethbridge which didn’t get us too excited as we didn’t get out of the car and things didn’t look too busy.

Then we visited the Fort Whoop-UP Interpretive Center.

Paid the fee, saw the movie and got a guided tour of the fort and history of the area. Did you know Canada treated the Indians similar to our government and put them on reservations as the area developed?

Even got a wagon ride pulled by two Clydesdales.DSC_0046

The fort was built in 1870 as a way to control the bison robe trading between the Blackfoot Indians (in Canada the Indians are referred to as First Nations, which makes since – they were here first!).

The reason the fort got nick-named Whoop-Up was because whiskey was first introduced in Alberta Canada as a payment for the robes. This as you would expect caused all kinds of problems and the royal Canadian Mounted Police was brought in and put an end to that aspect of the trade.  Opps!DSC_0021

This fort was built by the people of Lethbridge as a historic site and they continue to add on.

Getting hungry after all that touring and found the Coulee Brewery (which is in reference to the valley we are in) and enjoyed a sandwich and a beer and purchased a growler that was only $9 USD.IMG_3208

The other thing we have noticed being north is the days seem longer – stays darker longer.

Lethbridge was a nice community, more to do and it was in the valley which created warmer winters due to the air stream.  People seemed to enjoy the area.

Sunday is north to Calgary.

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