May 16 – Great Falls, Montana

DroppOff on our way by 9:30, weather is cool and dry – so far. Used the GoPro to take some sample videos of the trip. Tried to catch interesting road scenery.

The best part was going thru the mountain pass and the scenery was fantastic. Only 88 miles.

We did cross the Missouri River numerous times along the highway.

Arrived at Dick’s RV Park and got ourselves settled. The lady at the desk kept talking about all the people hankering down for the spring storm getting ready to hit the area. Still waiting but the local news says this evening.

Nice park with paved roads and large level gravel sites. She said poor Wi-Fi but we have SAT.

We visited the local visitor’s center and gathered information that we probably won’t be able to use due to the weather but it is nice to know about the city – maybe to come back in the future.

Did I ever tell you about all the casinos in Montana – every town has one on every corner. We haven’t been in one yet but if you were interested this would be the place to go.

The other aspect of Montana that is nice is the number of breweries – seems like every town has 2 or 3. We did find one for today – the Mighty MO (because the Missouri River runs through town). Good beer and a good afternoon.IMG_3179

Wednesday it was predicted rain all day and it rained all day. Brenda did some shopping and I did catch up work and got ready for our Canadian Border Crossing – which I understand can be a big deal – we will find out Friday.

Headed to Redbox and watched Hidden Figures. Great movie – such a shame that we treated people the way we did and sometimes still do – every person has their gifts and should be allowed to express themselves.

Decided to stay another day and let the sun come out before we head north.

Thursday the sun didn’t come out but it was dry and cloudy and 60 degrees – okay a good day!

We took the dogs and went “falls” hunting – yes this is Great Falls Montana so there must be falls around. Lewis and Clark discovered them in 1805 and had to portage 18 miles around them.

Found Great Falls (the tallest and farthest away). WOW! Had a nice park area on an island in front of the falls. No pets.

Then we found Black Eagle Falls (the first falls nearest to town.

They have a walking/biking trail that runs parallel with the Missouri River on both sides 48 miles long – how great is that?


Dropped the dogs off and for dinner went to Sip-N-Dip Lounge – shapely mermaids swimming in a pool (glass wall) behind the bar. GQ says it is “the #1 bar on earth worth flying for.”   ???

Friday is off to Canada.

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