May 13 – Helena, Montana

“North to Alaska go north the rush is on”. I remember the song by Johnny Horton as a young kid and thinking “wow, so far, so adventurous – why not” and so here we go “North to Alaska”.

Left Idaho Falls with 44 degrees and the threat of rain.

Oh yes it rained but as we ascended into the mountains and crossed the Continental Divide (we crossed it 3 times) it began to snow. Snow covered the ground and trees but the road was clear. The temp dipped to 33 degrees at the top.

Arrived at Lincoln Road RV Park about 3PM (6 hour drive, which is tiring). Nice looking park, wide gravel roads with level gravel sites and no trees – we like that! No wifi except if you pay extra but we are on the unlimited Verizon plan and it seems to work well. This is a new park with curbs and in good shape.  Windy when we got there!

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I told Brenda I would try and make her day easy. So immediately she makes a Hash for breakfast. She has been wanting to do that so I didn’t want to interfere. I did do dishes.

We went to church and then visited Mount Helena which was full of people hiking.

They have miles of trails. We did a short hike but will return tomorrow.

We went out to visit the downtown area. The architecture was  a sign that “the rich” built a lot of the area.

They have one of the last Walking Outdoor Malls, very nice.

Also walked the Last Chance Gulch area where gold was discovered by four desperate miners on their last effort and is now a shopping area.

Saw the Cathedral of St. Helena.DSC_0041


They even had Constitution Park which had the Constitution and all its amendments posted for reading.

Did find two breweries (Blackfoot River and Ten Mile Creek) that were well attended on Mother’s Day DSC_0013and did you know that they keep track of every drink on a card and you are only allowed 48 ounces of beer a day in Montana.

We had dinner at Grub Stake (the original) which was a bar restaurant but was packed with people. Good food for an old establishment.

Monday after experiencing this new “cold” weather as normal we decided to change out some of our summer clothes for winter clothes – I don’t expect the weather to be “hot” for a while. We have storage bins in the basement and we pulled them all out and shifted clothes.

Then we took the dogs and climbed Mount Helena – didn’t make it to the top but we gave the dogs a good walk – I think Gretel would keep going but Hansel isn’t the greatest hiker.

Then we visited the Myrna Loy Theatre

named after Helena’s first lady of the screen (Brenda’s middle name is Loy after Ms. Myrna). No live shows at this time, besides we are leaving tomorrow. A lot of “art” in this city.

Stopped at the Capitol building to see it as Helena is the Capitol of Montana. It is so tall you saw it while you were up on the mountain.

Finally Lewis and Clark Brewery to end the day. Check out the urinal.

Tuesday is off to Great Falls, Montana.

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