May 3 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Western Wyoming and Eastern Utah are just beautiful. Wish I could include pictures while driving.IMG_3140

Arrived about noon and got set up in Salt Lake City KOA – been here before so no surprises.

Amanda and Copers came over for dinner. The grandson is getting big and paying attention to everything he sees. He sure is a happy kid.

Amanda and Stu are moving into a new house and so Thursday is the first day of moving. Brenda went over early to watch Copers while Amanda packed.

I did get to ride my bike a few times while here – Salt Lake City has a great trail system.

Amanda, Brenda and Copers did go to a local farm to pet the animals.IMG_1896

I decided to take the train/streetcar south and meet the girls to help load the truck. In front of the campground is a stop for the train. Only $1.25 for us older adults. I forgot my map of the system because I knew I had to take the green line and change to the blue line. I did make it to my destination in Murray (near Amanda’s apartment). Rode it 3 times, great system.

Helped Stu load the truck and then we went over to the new house (in Sandy) and unloaded.

They have a nice 6 bedroom house (4 levels – I guess you call it a quad) with fenced in yard and two car garage. Nice place to raise a family.

I had a company come over to the campground and detail my Coach. They washed and waxed. What a difference. I even cleaned the doorway and each basement door.DSC_0001

Sunday we visited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in their production of Music and the Spoken Word – WOW – it was wonderful and amazing how many people are involved as volunteers to bring the word of God to the people. A worthwhile visit.

After the production we walked around downtown and they have a very well kept and nice looking downtown area.

To celebrate Brenda’s Birthday we went to the Pig and the Jelly Jar for lunch. Had to wait 45 minutes but it was worth it. Had a Pork Belly Benedict and Brenda had a Ham Hash. Great food. Had PBR Bloody Mary’s because they don’t have their liquor license and we are in Utah with all its rules.

Then purchased some 1-1/2 inch thick ribeye’s for Brenda’s dinner. Amanda and Tecopa came over – Stu got the man cold and stayed home. Amanda brought over some Cheese Cake Factory cheesecake – oh yum yum.

Thursday is off to Idaho, then Canada and then Alaska.

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