April 28 – Goodland, Kansas

Quick and easy take off (everything loaded in the coach) and on our way to Nicodemus, Kansas. Made it there by lunch and toured the Visitor’s center. Saw the movie and got the stamp.

Nicodemus is the oldest remaining black settlement west of the Mississippi that was established in 1877 during the Reconstruction following the Civil War.

Sorry to see the town in such disarray or at least vacant. They have curb streets with pavement in good condition (engineer speaking-wise)

but very few homes – lots of vacant lots. At one time there was 300 southern (Kentucky) transplant people living in the city, which reached a population of 600 but the railroad never came to the town and it declined. Now the population is 17 – they need help.

In 1996 Congress established the town of 161 acres as a NHS.

We did visit the 5 historic buildings left from the beginning of the town. Township Hall,DSC_0002 St. Francis Hotel,

AME church,

First Baptist Church

and the School House.

After Nicodemus we continued on heading west. Noticed that the elevation was getting higher and temperature lower – oh what did I do.

Arrived at Goodland KOA for the night. Nice owner and campground. Nice size lots and level – good wifi and cable. Stay one night.

As I walked the dogs I noticed snowflakes – what did I do?

Saturday snow on the ground (about an inch) and still falling. Weather predicts snow until Sunday afternoon. At one time they were talking maybe 10 inches – oh, oh what did I do? Probably will stay here till Monday morning – not a whole lot to see in the town or do.

A new experience for us – it was so cold outside (30) and we wouldn’t (dogs surely wouldn’t) go outside. We sat inside all day and caught up on some things we have put off for a while. Did go to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Sunday we spent the day within a blizzard – again 30 degrees and the wind blowing about 30 mph and snow.

It lasted all day. It was scary as the coach shook and we knew we were not going anywhere – how will we get out tomorrow – need to be in Salt Lake City, Utah by Wednesday.

Depending on our portable electric heaters for extra heat (RV’s are not the best insulated) and then mid-afternoon the campground power went out and it was getting colder – turn on the generator and once again we are getting warm.  Spent the day cuddling.DSC_0033

Late afternoon the blizzard subsided and the temp jumped 5 degrees (35) – everything is melting and hopefully by tomorrow the roads will be clear.

Stayed 3 days instead one – the joy of flexibility.

Monday we are heading toward Salt Lake City but it is 725 miles and need a couple of breaks before I get there.

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