April 26 – Great Basin, Kansas

Hard to believe it was 39 this morning and the temp isn’t getting any warmer than 55. I guess that’s what happens when you move northward. At least we are not getting all the rain the Midwest is supposed to get – it went past us.

Arrived at Finer Mobile Home and RV Park and it is mostly a MH park. They have about 6 RV sites that is nothing to write home about – but for $10 who can complain, it is only a base so we will survive.IMG_3124

Needing to get out, we took a ride to Hoisington just north of Grand Bend – we read in the Kansas magazine that there was some metal pole art banners and murals and a sundial.

We walked the downtown area and found the banners and murals but no sundial.

Then we visited the Cheyenne Bottoms.


This is one of two significant natural wetland ecosystems that annually host millions of migrating birds.

This is the largest fresh water marsh in the USA. We drove the tour road which was about 6 miles and went thru the center of the marsh.

Lots of birds in the water.

Stopped at the Kansas Wetlands Educational Center and Brenda toured the inside (said lots of stuffed birds) and I walked the dogs on the nature trail.

Thursday waking up to 37 – oh what did I do – this “up north” stuff isn’t my cup of tea – telling Brenda I guess we are getting prepared for Alaska – did you know today Anchorage, AK is warmer than Great Bend, KS.

Visited Fort Larned – the guardian of the Santa Fe Trail.


In response to the attacks by the Cherokee, Apache, Kiowa and other Indian tribes, the US Army completed a series of forts along the Santa Fe Trail to support military protection and this included Fort Larned in 1859.

As the railroad provided more and quicker and more economical services to carry goods, the need for the fort ended its service in 1878. The NPS created the site as a National Historic Site in 1964.

Also stopped at the Santa Fe Trail Ruts – yes ruts. They have preserved 40 acres of ground where the first covered wagons traveled out west.

This area has not been plowed or disturbed since the first covered wagons made their westward venture on the Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail connected Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Did stop for lunch at a little café called “Sweet Things” for soup and sandwiches. Good food and always enjoy those non-corporate restaurants. Needed the soup to warm up.

Friday is off to Western Kansas.

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