Did I ever tell you that it is windy in Kansas – oh how could I? This is my first time in Kansas driving this huge box that the wind thinks it can move all over the road – it was extremely tiring holding on to the steering wheel to keep it straight, especially with these plains (flatland).

We did stop at the Brown vs Board of Education Historic site in Topeka, KS.

This is the school where in 1951 13 black students filed a lawsuit that they should be allowed to attend an all-white school. It ended up in the Supreme Court and in 1954 “segregation of school” was disallowed.

Not the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement but sure added momentum to making all people equal.

Arrived at our campsite about 3 PM. Another new adventure for us – we had no reservation and it was first come first serve. The City of Cottonwood Falls in their recreation area created six RV sites and they are cheap at $15 for electric and water with a dump site for sewer on the way out. Wish every city did this.

Swope Park is quiet as we are the only ones here but would be exciting if there was some ball games going on. They even had a nice looking Frisbee course.

Don’t go looking for a restaurant on a Monday evening in the Cottonwood Falls area – there are none and I expect on other nights the same thing. Town is minimal.

Great historic courthouse.IMG_3123

Tuesday we visited Tallgrass National Preserve.

Did you know that there was 170 million acres of tallgrass prairie that covered North America and today there is only 4% of that remaining? The rest of the land has been developed or turned into farm ground. 11,000 acres preserved for future generations, which was set aside in 1996 as a National Preserve.

In 1878 Stephen Jones built a 7,000 acre Farm and Ranch including a magnificent Empire style 11-room limestone mansion

, massive three story limestone barn along with 30 miles of 4-root high limestone fence. DSC_0020Limestone (local rock abundant in the area), area nicknamed “Flint Rock”.

Even a limestone outhouse.

We did hike through the prairie but not far enough to see the bison that were free grazing the fields. Warning signs to avoid the bison.

Would you believe we found a waterfall in Kansas?

Wondered why the town we were in was called Cottonwood Falls and there is a state park right out of town that has a huge man-made lake and there is a very nice waterfall for the spill way – way to go Kansas!

Wednesday we are moving to Great Basin, Kansas.

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