April 22 – Independence, Missouri

Not the greatest day to leave – rain and cold (42 to be exact). Brenda’s mom stopped by and brought a cinnamon roll from Stewart’s – it’s huge. Said our goodbyes and loaded everything up. Picture of cinnamon roll after the 3 of us ate some.DSC_0002

Stopped at Fort Scott in Kansas, right on the Missouri/Kansas border.

Again this fort was established in 1842 to combat the Indians that had turned hostile because the white man was pushing him further west. The fort was abandoned in 1853 but soon afterwards 1854 the Kansas- Nebraska Act created the two states and gave the right to choose whether or not to be a slave state.

All groups converged on the area to influence their view point and sure enough turmoil arose and the army had to return to the fort.

Finally the fort was abandoned after 1873. In the 1950’s the residents of Fort Scott restored some of the buildings to commemorate its national significance and in 1978 it became a National Historic site.

There was a Civil War re-enactment while we were there.

Then proceeded to Blue Springs RV – Jackson County – campground. Been here in the past and it a great campground. Paved roads with large gravel sites. Few full hook ups but the majority are water and electric, which is enough. Unfortunately we got a huge tree on our lot and so we have no SAT – only two days so no big deal.

Sunday we visited Harry S. Truman NHS in Independence, MO.

Very interesting as I have not studied much about Truman. It was impressive how much of a family man Harry was. And he was the president that wanted to be close to the people (didn’t have secret service back in those days). He walked every day from his house (in Independence) whenever he was there and after he retired. DSC_0019He walked 120 paces per minute – no wonder he was a thin guy. He’s also the one who said “The Buck Stops Here”.

We did tour Truman’s House (his wife Bess was born there and grew up there and Harry lived there after he married Bess and he retired there). The house is as it was when Bess died in 1982, she left everything as it was.

See previous blog about Key West and how we saw Truman’s Southern Whitehouse.

We also visited the Noland home (Truman’s cousin’s house and how he eventually met Bess), right across the street from Truman’s house.

Independence has a lot of historic homes and things to visit, a well maintained city. Great place to visit.

Monday we are off to two more historic sites and end up near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.

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