April 14 – Camdenton, Missouri

Today is different – every day is different but we are venturing out to explore three National Park sites in one day.

First of all, northwest Arkansas is beautiful – rolling hills, winding roads and not a whole lot of development along the way.

First stop was Pea Ridge Military Battlefield. This is the battle that saved Missouri for the Union, even though it was located in Arkansas. General Curtis made the final push on March 8, 1862 and drove the Confederates away from Missouri.

Due to time we did not take the car tour around the battlefield.

Second stop was George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Missouri. I remember reading a book about him as a young child and was impressed then by his great inventions with the peanut. It was more impressive to learn on this trip that he was born a black slave about 1864 and was able to overcome all of that and still be able to be such a leader and humanitarian. His work was “to help the man farthest down”. And I love peanuts to snack on but there are so many other uses of that simple crop.

This National Historic site was the first to honor an African American.

Third stop was Wilson’s Creek Battlefield. This battle in 1861 opened the Civil War in Missouri. The Confederates won this battle but eventually they lost the war. See above as they also lost a few months later in Arkansas. General Lyon who commanded the Union troops was the first Union general to die in battle and was buried in the area.

We even saw and walked on Bloody Hill where 1000’s of soldiers were killed in a 5 hour battle.

We did get a chance to drive the 5 mile car tour to see the different aspects of the battle.

Ended the day at Cracker Barrel in Springfield, Missouri.IMG_3108

Saturday morning up early (I don’t sleep well when I’m not sure if someone will come knocking on the door) and we did have breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Back on the road again and soon arrived at Ozark Trails RV Park – when I say soon it was very soon as we were there by 9 AM. Fortunately our site was ready and they let us park immediately. Same spot as last year.

This park is very wooded, rough gravel roads with gravel sites parked every which way. It’s as if someone drove through the woods and avoided the big trees and made a path. It did have full hookups and cable TV.

The leaves haven’t fully budded so we were able to get SAT TV.

Brenda’s mom stopped by and we visited and then the ladies took off for shopping for tomorrow’s gathering at mom’s house.

We then visited Sugarloaf Winery for wines and food. Sits on a bluff over the Niangua Branch of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Sunday we attended the Easter Service at Hope Lutheran Church in Osage Beach. He is Risen!

Had dinner at Mom’s with the family. Even an Easter egg hunt.

Brenda’s Family.

Weather has been cool and dreary with some rain.

Rest of week we visited with family and enjoyed some (lots) of wine.

I did get to play Pickle Ball for three mornings. Corrine’s (Brenda’s sister) church sponsors 3 pickle ball courts inside. First time I played inside so there was a learning curve, besides it’s been 2 months since I have played. Legs were sore for a few days, but I did get a webpage where I can locate people playing pickle ball in any city or state http://www.usapa.org .

We ended up staying a couple of days longer due to a health issue with Brenda (nothing serious) but we needed to check it out and make sure everything is okay.

Saturday is off to Independence, Missouri to visit Truman’s site.

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