March 18 – Chapin, South Carolina

Said our goodbyes to Mike and Sharron at 6:30 AM – oh what a tough hour to start driving – but they were returning to Belleville in two days and that’s a lot of miles.

We left by 8:30 and headed south – in fact I realized that on this portion of the trip we drove in all four directions – to find a decent road to head west we headed south. As we exited at Palm Bay we were stopped by Secret service at the interchange – they were holding traffic to allow some presidential party pass by.

Then we turned the corner and saw Air Force One parked in the airport – guess Trump was in town again.

As we ventured across the state there were warning signs about smoke and fog – quickly realized that they were burning sugar cane as the smell was so sweet. It was amazing the fields and fields of crops.

Did arrive in Port Charlotte to pick up Brenda’s sewing machine. Once that task was completed we headed north on I-75 to eventually head east over to I-95.
We continued on going past 200 miles, then 300 miles and eventually I quit at 404. We pulled into the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel (which they allow RV’s overnight for free) and we split a dinner.

We boon docked that night, so you had to watch your power consummation. We did finally get to use the generator. The parking lot was quiet and they even had electronic surveillance.

Sunday we can’t pass up on breakfast at CB and enjoyed that before leaving at 8:30 A.

Traveled on US 301 (east which gives me all 4 direction within 24 hours) which was a divided highway and very scenic. I have noticed that the palm trees are gone and all we see are tall pine trees.

Left Florida after 3 months and 3 weeks. Had a really good time and enjoyed learning about the culture and history of the area.

Didn’t take long driving to realize that “Bike Week in Daytona Beach” had just gotten out. Every vehicle was either a motorcycle or a vehicle towing a trailer with a motorbike.

Finished 220 miles and said “let’s rest” We are at Camp Lake Jasper, I believe a new park with large lots. Roads are paved and they even have curb and gutter. Wifi doesn’t work at the lots (does at the office) and my SAT is not working. Good park to come back to.

Monday off by 9:30 A and no reason to hurry except to see Michael. No issues and traffic wasn’t too busy until we reached Columbia.

Arrived at Woodsmoke Family Campground and found our site and got set up. Site was not too level and took a manual level operation to get it close. Many live-ins but a beautiful setting and it is close to Michael’s house.

Dee stopped by after work and took Brenda over to the day care center, so Brenda would be recognized by the day care center if she wanted or needed to pick Michael up.

Then they all returned to our house for grilled Salmon.

It is amazing how fast these little ones grow up.

Each day is something new they learn and something new we see in them and love them all the more.

Michael got fussy and the Fulmers returned to their house.

Tuesday I’m not supposed to say but Brenda had returns to make and she was gone for the day. Later we went over to Dee and Cannon’s for dinner and more time with Michael – what a grandson. He seems to be a happy person until about 7 PM and then he gets cranky.

Brenda stayed overnight to help with the nightly chaos (Michael doesn’t sleep thru the night) and so she could spend more time with him.

Wednesday I went shopping, oil change on car, wiper blades and filter for coach and perusing the new unlimited data plans by Verizon and ATT.

Had dinner at Dee and Cannon’s and we got to play with Michael – he had his first solid food feeding and he was a blast watching him gobble it down – he enjoyed it as you can tell by the food all over his face.

Thursday I gave blood in town and went ahead and upgraded our internet to unlimited data – hopefully now we won’t have to deal with poor campground wifi.

Brenda and Dee went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie and Cannon stayed home and watched Michael and I stayed home and watched the fur babies.

Friday spent time with Michael. We went to the local zoo which was great as it was small and you could get up close to the animals.


Later we did dinner at Farm Boys BBQ, which was good food and buffet. Ate too much.

Saturday went together to the Columbia’s Farmer’s Market with lots of vendors. Poor Cannon wasn’t feeling well and went home and we continued with Michael and Dee for lunch.
Had to stop at the Conquest Brewery and purchased two growlers – great price at $12 each.

Grilled a steak for dinner.DSC_0123

Both Dee and Cannon were not feeling up to it so they invited Brenda to spend the night and help with Michael’s care.

Sunday didn’t make church as the Fulmer’s were dragging and slowly recovering from whatever. I did smoke a Meatloaf roll and two turkey breasts – we took those over to Dee and Cannon’s for dinner.

Spent the rest of the day playing with Michael and visiting. Did get to see South Carolina University win and enter the Final 4 for the first time in their history – Go Gamecocks!

Monday we are off to Stone Mountain, Georgia and will miss the little guy.

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