March 11- Hobe Sound, Florida


One of my biggest driving days in a long time, in fact it has been since we first came to Florida on December 5, that I have driven more than the 211 miles today.

Make note to self “take the toll road instead of being cheap”. That was the worst drive taking Highway 1 north out of Key Largo, there was a traffic signal marked red every quarter mile and I hit them all. The drive went on forever. Now I see why they created the toll road and I will guarantee next time I will take it.

The ride along the Keys was marvelous. Water on both sides and the color of light green and blue was so pretty. We enjoyed the whole 60 miles of the Keys we had to do. Getting to the mainland was a different story.

Would you believe on Saturday morning that it was bumper to bumper going into the Keys? Traffic was backed up as far as you could see. Note to self “do not enter the Keys on the weekend”.

Finally arrived at our campground (two hours later than the GPS originally quoted). Found the office and no one there and no map. Quickly realized that probably my reservation had my lot number – found it on email and I was on F5 but I had no idea where it was – no map you see. Asked a guy walking around and he pointed me in the right direction.

Floridays RV Park is a small park, paved roads and gravel sites – seem to be a lot of live-ins and snow birds. They do have Bingo on Wednesdays. Not sure if the wifi is good as we don’t have the password.

SAT did not work the first time we tried it – gave an error message. Called the company but they are closed till Monday – I will overcome this – as TV is important to Brenda. Did a web search for the error message and ran the reboot as directed and the SAT found the satellites and we have TV. Brenda is happy!

Evening relaxing and reading.

Sunday we smoked a chuck roast for dinner – an 8 hour smoke and it turned out good. Did it as pulled beef with veggies and parmesan cheese on top.

Waited the day for Mike and Sharron Malloy to arrive from Belleville. We are meeting them for a week to experience STL Cardinal Spring Training. You may not remember but 7 years ago – almost to the date – Mike and I ventured here from Belleville to do spring training and during the first game, Brenda called and said that our house in Union, MO was burning down. Mike and I got out of our seats and returned to experience the tragedy of a house fire. We have always talked about returning and here we are.

Spent most of the afternoon watching the chuck roast and reading – did finish my book and it’s always amazing how much you learn from reading.

Mike and Sharron arrived late afternoon and we spent the rest of the day visiting and catching up. Mike and I worked together in Belleville from 98 to 06 and since then have been friends. Brenda and Sharron enjoy each other’s company as they discuss grandkids and other topics.

Monday a little rain and temp about 70.

Today is our first baseball game at Roger Dean Stadium. Weather has warmed up nice. We ran into a contractor (Ken Kelehler and his wife) we knew in Belleville – small world.

Great game and great seats as the Cards beat the Houston Astros 6 – 3.IMG_3025

Brenda ran into her x’s sister and husband – Ed and Shirley.DSC_0023

Sharron is a lighthouse “chaser” and we visited the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse. Was able to climb to the top and see a spectacular view from the top. This is still an operating lighthouse but today it is all automated as compared to what they did in past history.



Needed food and beer after all that and we found the Dune Dog Café. IMG_3027Looked quaint but after we got out of our car we found that the wait was probably two hours – lots of people waiting as they were selling all the ribs you can eat for $16 tonight. Too hungry to look for another restaurant we went to the take out counter and ate our Dirty Dogs in the parking lot.

Back home to let the dogs take a walk and sit outside and enjoy the conversation.

Tuesday was time to explore. Brenda and Sharron went shopping and I biked to McDonald’s and published my blog from Marathon.

In the afternoon we met with Captain Gus for a charter boat ride along the intra-coastal waterway.

The highlights of the trip besides the weather and being on the water was he knew where all the stars lived. We saw Tiger Woods’ house, Burt Reynolds, Alan Jackson, Greg Norman, owner of Dicks sporting Goods, Campbell Heiress and on and on.

Great experience and ride.

Did find the Tequesta Brewery. Enjoyed visiting with Mike and Sharron and having a cold one.

Wednesday was a shocker – we woke up to 50 degrees – 0h burrrr!

Mike and I went to the practice fields to watch the Cardinals practice. You get up real close and can see them at their best and worst. Only problem was that the starters had the day off and we were watching players who are trying out for the majors and double and triple A teams. It’s fun watching.


DSC_0004 (3)

Brenda and Sharron went shopping. Later they picked us up and we headed for Tiger Woods Restaurant – called The Woods

because Nike owns the name Tiger Woods and wouldn’t allow him to use it for a restaurant. We didn’t eat there but stopped nearby. We walked the area which was “higher class” than we are – so we looked.DSC_0045

Then went back to the Jupiter Lighthouse and went thru the museum – which was closed when we were there on Monday. Learned about the history of the area and how the lighthouse had an effect of WW II.

There was a blue grass band playing outside on the side porch of the museum. Listened a while.

Turned right out of the lighthouse parking lot and ended up driving through Jupiter Island – houses of the rich and famous.

At the end of AIA was Hobe Sound Park – we stopped and got to see the Atlantic Ocean. Only enjoyed a short time here as it was windy and cool.


For a small campground they do have Bingo – wasn’t sure how Mike would react to playing Bingo and he had a blast and Sharron was the only one from our group that won a game – oh well it’s the fellowship and fun that counts.

Thursday another cool day (actually 47) but that will not stop us. We headed to Roger Dean stadium to catch another Cardinal game. We met Gary Hopfinger

and his granddaughter at the stadium. Mike and I worked with Gary at Belleville, he was the director of Parks. Enjoyed the game as the Cards beat Minnesota Twins 2 to 1.

Disappointed after the game as I found a parking ticket on my window – oh what bad news at $40.

We still went out to dinner at Leftovers and had a delicious meal of fresh fish with different crusts – they sure know how to use the spices.

Sat around in the evening with Mike and Sharron and enjoyed some good wine and conversation.

Friday our last day in town. Cool again but slightly warmer. I headed to the Jupiter Police Station to protest the ticket – you see the game ran long and the time limit on the parking space (3 hours) ran out. I visited the dispatcher and she said the supervisor would come out when he could – another person told me it would be awhile and I could appear before the magistrate next week and protest – paid my $40 and go home.

Another game this afternoon, but this time it’s in Port St. Lucie with the New York Mets – oh what a blowout. When we left in the 8th inning it was 16 to 2 favor the Mets. Sad drive home.DSC_0060

We stopped at Duffy’s and found out they were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. 2 for 1 drinks and a great Corned Beef Meal.

Time to pack tonight as both we and the Malloy’s want to get an early start.

Saturday we are off to Port Charlotte to pick up Brenda’s sewing machine and then head north out of Florida and over to Dee and Cannon’s house.

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Florida for 3-1/2 months and the weather has been great. Great time and fun with family and friends.

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