March 9 – Marathon, Florida

No hurry today, only 43 miles. We are headed to Marathon to meet up with Josh and Leah on the Peacemaker – their sailboat.

Arrived at McKnight Key RV and Marina Resort for two nights. Nothing special but there is paved roads and grass sites and to my surprise, no sewer hookup – only two days here so we won’t fill the tanks. And the campground is on the Atlantic Ocean with quite the view – we do not have a water site but are inland.

Josh and Leah just called and they have anchored outside of the campground.DSC_0004

Sat in the lounge chair outside reading when I could hear the dripping of water – knowing that the AC wasn’t running I opened the basement door and the area was full of water – oh no! We have a leak. Had to remove everything from all the basements and store outside to dry up the carpeting on the basement floor. No leak but I discovered I had not tightened the hose tightly at the connection on the coach and it was spraying on the inside.

Josh and Leah arrived by dingy (small rubber raft with motor) – their normal means of arriving on shore – and we spent the rest of the day at our campsite. Enjoyed hearing of their ups and downs and some of the struggles. We partaked of a couple of growlers and Brenda prepped the Cobb Burger. We like to share a meal with Josh and Leah because they are eating pretty bare on the boat and we want to make sure they still remember all the good foods on land.

Brenda’s casual pics:

Enjoyed our time together and then it was dark and they had to dingy home in the dark but it was almost a full moon and it lite their way.

Friday again the weather is warm and no wind at the time. I ventured off for a bike ride across the 7 Mile Bridge (adjacent to our campground).

Made it across and enjoyed the scenery – water – along the way. It is amazing the color of the water – an aqua or turquoise. So clear and such a Caribbean look.

I wish I would learn that if the ride was easy one way – it will be difficult the return trip and sure enough the wind was blowing and it was a struggle to make it back – I was successful and the legs were aching – 16 miles in all.

Still drying the basement out.

Josh and Leah came by after lunch. I took them into town and Josh had a variety of items to purchase from Home Depot for projects on the boat – just like a house there is always something to fix. They also brought their sheets over to wash them in the washing machine – did you know that they wash all their clothes in a bucket normally – that’s what you call roughing it.DSC_0028 (note pic from Ruskin, Florida).

Josh and I dingyed all the supplies back to the boat and sat on deck and drank a PBR and discussed life. It was great to sit with Josh with no noise and just chit chat.

We then dingyed back and had another beer and then went out for dinner – I told Josh this was his “last supper”. They are trying to keep their cost down and do a lot with beans and rice – hopefully one day he will catch a fish and enjoy some good foods.

They all had a Lobster Reuben and I had a whole Yellow Snapper eyes and all. It was tasty.

Even got to see Reef Sharks next to the restaurant.IMG_3017

Came back to our house and said our goodbyes and Josh and Leah and Brew are off on the adventure of a lifetime. One sad or disappointing thing – we did not make a visit to Dry Tortugas NP (tickets sold out for the boat ride) and then Josh tells me he is sailing to Dry Tortugas to dive after they leave Marathon – I would have loved to sail with them and complete my NP conquest – guess I will have to come back at a later date.

Do miss hanging out with Josh and Leah and helping them get all the preparations done for their trip – God Speed to them and May God keep them safe.

Saturday is off to Hobe Sound, Florida to meet our friends the Malloys from Belleville to watch the Cardinals in Spring Training for a week.

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  1. We miss you guys too and thanks a million for all the help!


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