March 2 – Key Largo, Florida

Late exit from our campground but it is only 30 miles to the next one. Easy drive down a two lane highway with the Everglades and water areas on both sides of the street.

Arrived at Calusa Marine and RV Park. Most of the lots are owned by people (guess this is a condominium campground) but we were given an inside lot. Streets are narrow and took a couple of tries to back into my site but I am here and there is space between sites.

Weather outside is hot and humid.

They enjoy accessorizing campsites here in the Keys.

Went next door to meet our neighbors and tell them if they have any issues with our dogs barking to let us know – they seemed to be okay with dogs – and then they invited us to have a beer and wine – two hours later we finally went home for dinner (after 8 PM). Nice neighbors from Rhode Island – here for the winter – enjoyed our time together.

Friday first thing was a bike journey. Headed west and went about 10 miles – I was excited about how easy the trip was until I turned to go back and the wind was against me. It was a struggle but I made it.

Afterwards we went out to explore. Went to John Pennekamp State Park to see about riding the glass bottom boat – they indicated tomorrow may be windy and not a good ride – will see tomorrow. Then headed over to Alabama Jacks (two people recommended) but they don’t allow dogs so we’ll do it tomorrow – then had Lunch at Key Largo Conch House – great lunch of conch fritters, Mahi tacos, key lime mimosa and key lime pie – all of it was great.

Conch is a snail in the big shell that seems to be popular down here – we need to eat local.

Weather was beginning to get dark – rain that is – so we headed over to Florida Keys Brewery for one and since we were in the area also to Islamorada Brewery. Enjoyed both and picked up a growler from each for later.

Did a reverse sear on a steak tonight that was so yummy. The winds picked up today and we rolled the awnings in and made sure nothing was going to blow away.

Saturday still had a breeze and slightly cooler weather, I did the library to use wifi and publish my blog. Then we went to Alabama Jacks for lunch. A great biker bar and right on the water. Enjoyed a couple of brews and a bunch of fried seafood. I’ve had a portion of grease for a while.

Later we went to John Pennekamp State Park, the first undersea park in America. It was created to protect the coral reef under the water. Saw the movie that explained about the creation of coral reefs and how important it is to protect them from man. Also discussed all the fish and how they survive from the reef. Good movie – very informative. They also had a 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium that was fantastic.

Sunday is moving day to Key West. I am excited because I have never been there, in fact I have never been south of Jupiter Florida until this year as we wintered in Florida.

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