January 24 – Pinellas, Florida

As we continue to support Josh and Leah in their Sailboat Adventure, we need to stay close and we never are sure where we will be in the near future – so we have become like gypsies. It is a good feeling knowing that we have no idea of “the next stop.”

Next campground is closer to where Josh and Leah are staying but after making reservations they have moved closer to their potential boat – not that much farther for us.

Trip across town was only 11 miles and we made a propane purchase on the way. Heard a scrap on the bottom of the coach – not sure what it was.

Roberts Mobile Home and RV Resort has about 700 sites and about half of them are mobile homes or park models. Not many empty sites so I should be happy to be here for a week.

Site is grass with a concrete patio and I was told to park directly adjacent to it so I didn’t spill over on to the next site. We campers try and make our site as big as possible and shift it one way or the other. No wifi but easy SAT. And a lot of activities.img_2773

When I went to unhook the car from the coach I noticed that my rock guard had fallen off on one end. Hadn’t dragged it too far as it was not worn out too bad – the hook had broken, probably on the speed bump in the park. Need to repair.

We also got our mail package from Texas – waiting to get our Texas tags, we are 24 days expired (yes they were in package) – now legal. Now to get them attached.

Learned what “Pentanque” is. While walking the dogs, the French Canadians were playing and I would say it is similar to the Italian’s Bocce Ball, but they used these silver metal balls and played on fine gravel.

Picked up Josh and Leah for dinner – Salmon and brussel sprouts and quinoa at our house. We let them take our car (tomorrow is their survey and sea test of the boat) and I didn’t want to spend all day waiting.img_2779

Wednesday without a car and we get to hang out and get things done around here. Not much accomplished to talk about.

Josh and Leah were at their “purposed” boat and doing the survey and sea test. Results were very positive and only a few minor repairs to be made.

Josh and Leah returned about 5 PM – on time to play Bingo! We took them to the clubhouse to learn about snowbird RV life. Josh got into it and none of us won a game – they had a $200 cover-all but no luck on our part. I was surprised but both of them enjoyed the evening – a lot of people talked to them and asked about their plans – they were the youngest people in the crowd.img_2776

They stayed with us in the coach as they did not have an Airbnb to stay at tonight. Things worked out good – the bed is not the softest but the dogs did stay in bed until 7 AM. When we went to get the extra bed stuff, I noticed that the basement door was crooked. Check it out later.

Thursday is pickle ball morning and I was surely going to make Josh and Leah to come along – they came willingly because they had heard me say so much about the game. Small group of players but they welcomed Josh and Leah and gave them instructions as to how to play and accommodated them in their learning process. They both adapted and played well. And they indicated how much they enjoyed learning about the RV lifestyle.img_2782

They indicated we keep pretty busy for what they thought to be a quiet lifestyle.

I did drop them off at their new Airbnb as they await the final details of their boat purchase.

Brenda surprised me with a 2 inch thick porterhouse to grill. Did the reverse sear and oh did it turn out perfect. Even Brenda – my worse critic loved it – said the best steak ever.img_2783

Friday woke up to cool weather, low 60’s. Worked on my crooked basement door – realized that it happened at the propane store – noticed that the hinge was crooked and tried to figure a way to get it off – that wasn’t happening – return to brute strength and used a 2×4 and hammer and pounded on the hinge and finally got it re-straightened to be able to close – problem solved!

Now it’s off to explore – first stop Mazzaro’s Deli – oh what a wonderful thing. This was an Italian market that was so – did I say wonderful. It had more meat and olive and sandwich and dessert and coffee and other counters. It had wine tasting and a wine store and a good beer selections. Had a seafood Panini and soup – oh how good! So crowded too, people told us not to come her on Saturday as it is shoulder to shoulder. We will be back – not on Saturday!

Then off to the Art District in St. Petersburg and walked and looked at some wonderful art – didn’t buy as you know we have no space – sure does save on spontaneous purchasing.

Lots of good galleries in the area.img_2795

Did find Cycle Brewery for a good IPA.img_2794

Then found a used bookstore and browsed through the dusty books – Brenda did buy an Old English Bible.

And then to Best Buy for Tax program and another backup storage drive.

If you have ever seen someone have a seizure, it is scary. Well last night we were getting ready to relax for the evening and I felt Hansel trembling and then he went into a seizure spell. He stopped and then started up again. It was getting scary. It continued for what seemed like hours (only a few minutes) and it wouldn’t stop. So we found the nearest animal emergency room and took Hansel for some medication. They took him in the back room and after a couple of medications his seizure stopped and they wanted to keep him overnight. How sad to leave our little boy behind.

Saturday we returned before 7 AM to pick him up. He had another seizure at 5 AM and they suggested we take him to a local vet and get a script for seizure medication. Spent part of the morning getting that done and finally returned home. He is still groggy but is eating and drinking.

Rest of day observing.img_2781

Made it thru the day without another seizure, though about 8 PM he was quite concerned about what was going on within him – he seemed very nervous which is a sign that a seizure is coming – though it didn’t.

We have been carrying Hansel outside to do his business and he has been medicated which made him groggy and at times he would fall over – not funny!

Sunday Hansel is moving much better, able to walk up a couple of stairs. We spend a bunch of time letting him wander around the yard (grass) to let him do his business.

No church today as we are still concerned about leaving little Hans alone.

Weather is cool about mid 40’s and rainy this morning, so we have long pants on. Not a lot of things today, except Josh texted and needed a ride from the Enterprise Rental to our house. We got caught up on the closing for the boat and the dingy they bought and other stuff. Visited and had a few beers while Brenda prepped the smoke bacon wrapped meatloaf log. After a couple hours of smoking it was done and we enjoyed a most excellent meal – Josh indicated it had changed the way he looked at meatloaf. Returned them home and rested.

Monday Hansel is doing well, able to get around by himself – not willing to jump up on the couch yet.

We extended our stay for 3 more days to coordinate with Josh. And I was able to get a site in Ruskin, FL (where Josh is going to dry dock and make a few minor repairs) for the end of the week. Couldn’t get in two locations because they didn’t allow dogs – can you believe that!

Been searching for insurance for Brenda as she is about to go off COBRA. Hard to find nationwide coverage but we did accomplish that this afternoon.

Did some repairs on the coach, the biggest being the rock guard (heavy rubber that hands on the back of the coach and usually has the name of the coach on it) that the bolts I had it hanging on broke. So they were replaced and will re-install when I move the coach onto the pavement when we leave.

Tuesday it was 45 degrees outside but the sun was shining. I played pickle ball for a while but got bored as there were too many beginners and it was frustrating chasing the balls. Had to get back for an insurance phone call to verify Brenda’s insurance – done and that is over – didn’t do Obama Care as we wanted nationwide coverage and it doesn’t do that. Will have to wait and see what the next president does!

Picked up Josh and Leah and we went to Mazzaro’s to explore and eat. They were impressed by all the food items. If you lived nearby you could go 200 days without eating the same thing. We had sandwiches and some side plates (left overs for tomorrow) – oh was it good and a bottle of wine. If ever in the area, you need to stop.

Returned Josh and Leah to their Airbnb.

First time we left Hansel alone and he seemed to do okay.

Wednesday was the big day for Josh and Leah – the closing on the sailboat. I picked them up early and gave them the car so they could run around and get whatever done.

I worked on my rock guard and started the paint job on the metal bracket that had rusted. Spent the day reading and getting some computer work done.

Headed for Bingo when Josh texted and they wanted to play too and they were exhausted from all their running around. A decent night at Bingo, Brenda won a $30 game and Leah and I were one number away from a winner a few times but we didn’t win. The coverall was $200. We had fun and when you come close – it makes you want to come back.

Gave Josh the car for the night, since they needed it again next day but they would be back by noon. Brenda needed to do her shopping – we have Super Bowl coming soon!

Thursday was off to pickle ball – good day – won 6 out of 7 games but the competition isn’t that strong – lots of beginners.

Finished my paint job on the rock guard – kind of miss doing house improvement jobs. Also got the lower half of the coach washed.

Got to return Josh and Leah to their boat. Helped carry some supplies on board. Wow – do they have a lot of stuff – every corner of the boat was filled with their stuff and the question is where to put it. This will be their first night on the board –if they can find a spot to sleep. They are so excited about this adventure and I am glad I was able to help them get to the beginning of their dream.

You can read all about it in http://www.awildwaypoint.com.

Friday is off to Ruskin, Florida (I hadn’t heard of it either) to meet up with Josh and Leah as they dry dock there.

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  1. It seems ages ago we had that delicious salmon!


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