January 17 – Seminole,

Heading north to see and help Josh and Leah with their new sailboat – or almost their sailboat. They are having the survey and sea test done today (similar to a house inspection, but much more expensive).

Stopped at Desoto National Monument in Bradenton, Florida. It was amazing watching the film about his adventure from Spain to Cuba to Florida and then all over the US (southern section) looking for gold. Never found gold but killed 1,000’s of Indians and almost his entire crew was wiped out by disease and Indians. He was buried in the Mississippi River.


Arrived at Bickley RV park and we could only get in the overflow section (next to a boat) but it has full hook up and we were able to get Wi-Fi. Also next to the highway (we are in the urban area of Seminole, so traffic is busy and noise level is noisy).

I guess I should plan early!

We are settled down waiting to hear from Josh. Enjoying a couple of beers while waiting and then he calls about 7 PM and he is headed to the brewery – unfortunately I knew I had enough so I said I would see him tomorrow.

Wednesday the weather is still nice and warm. So off on the bike, the Pinellas Trail is only ½ mile away. Off I went. Its an old railroad bed that has been converted to trail – 38 miles. I made it 8 miles and turned around as I was smoking a brisket and I took off in the middle of the smoke.

Started the smoke at 7 AM and when I returned it was only 144 temp – need 160. At 160 we wrap the brisket in foil and return to the grill until 195. After 195 we wrapped the foiled meat in a towel and place it in a cooler for a couple of hours to continue the cook.

I have to pick up Josh and Leah at their Airbnb by the marina, they are without a car – that’s why dad is here – not – I’m here to experience the excitement of launching a sailboat and an adventure.

We had dinner and lots of beers. The brisket turned out really good.

Good discussion with Josh and Leah about the difficulties and joys of traveling. Josh opened his eyes wide a few times as he hadn’t thought of some things – that’s what dads are for.

They are still waiting for the survey report so they may negotiate if necessary with the owner on the price.

The hardest part of this is I have to return josh and Leah home – so Josh had more beers than I.

Thursday I found out that they have a breakfast here for the campers – oh yes. $4.25 and pancakes, eggs and sausage with coffee and OJ.

Then I was off to challenge myself on the bike trail to reach Josh’s Airbnb. Not sure how far but the day is great and off I go. 14 miles to the St. Petersburg Marina and a few blocks to Josh’s. I stopped there and saw their home away from the boat – small but comfortable. Now to return home – supposed to be home by noon to start the burnt rib tips. I was 5 minutes late and the legs are tight.

Rib tips are cooking away and I need to pick up Josh and Leah. Great evening discussing boat issues and living without an income. Tips and sides were excellent or at least that’s what I figured when Josh kept saying “oh that is good” with each bite.

Friday Brenda dressed in black as we watched the Inauguration of Donald Trump as president. It’s amazing the fanfare and celebration but it is so much tradition too. We will just have to wait and see how things work out and what the future lies ahead. Hope we don’t become too much of an Isolationist nation!

Josh called and they have nothing this afternoon so we picked them up to explore – oh how we love to explore! They are having problems with the survey of the boat that it has indicated that its fair market value is lower than what they offered – now to counteroffer.

We headed out to the beach – Treasure Island on the gulf Coast. We walked along the beach – I even took off my shoes and got wet – water was 68.

Lots of kites in the sky.

My favorite!dsc_0042

And a Tiki bar on the beach to enjoy a beer.dsc_0047

Then we headed to 3 Daughter’s Brewery. Oh what a place. Beer good but it was a “Dave & Busters” with lots of games – darts, shuffleboard, giant Connect4 and on and on. Spent quite a bit of time there playing and I beat Josh at darts.

And on to La V, a Vietnamese restaurant and enjoyed a great meal.

Saturday Josh and Leah are meeting with their broker and discussing the direction to go with the sailboat. We are going to take it easy.

That didn’t last too long. Josh called and they have another boat to look at – their second choice. I picked them up and we went down to Bradenton to see a 37 foot Tarton. It was kind of fun to investigate the details and quality of a sailboat though I know nothing about sailboats. I do know the mechanics and how-to of vehicles.

Good boat and Josh and Leah has made an offer for this boat – so it’s time to wait.

I did wait (while they were making the offer) at the Fish House Tiki Bar (second one in two days) and had a cold one. Returned them home and I went home.img_2768


Sunday we found numerous Lutheran churches in the area. We attended one today that had contemporary worship – been so long to worship outside the guidelines of Divine Service 1.

We are about ready to experience a storm. Area has been downgraded to a high risk area for this evening – Thunderstorms and possible tornados – we have not had to wait through one of those yet but it looks like tonight might be interesting.

Watching football otherwise.

Had our first weather alert go off – have a NOAA weather station – for Tornado Watch – okay more football. Go Atlanta!

Second alert went off – Thunderstorm Warning – go Pittsburgh (didn’t come true).

Overall the evening wasn’t too bad, some rain and wind but we are safe. What was scary was the anticipation of what could happen. Nervous about what to do if the “big” weather comes. We should always be prepared.

Except we had another “alert” – our credit card had been hacked and someone in Georgia was charging food and fuel. Put a stop on that card.

Monday things look good outside, so let the day begin. Brenda needed her shopping experience so off she went bright and early. I was going to bike ride but Josh and Leah wanted to move their stuff they have been storing in their Airbnb to storage. They are realizing that this process may take a little longer than originally anticipated.

They loaded spear guns and kite boards and scuba gear and all the other stuff and into storage hopefully for the month and then move it all on the boat.

As you might have guessed after all that hard work we needed a brew and we stopped at Cage Brewery. Good selection of beers and a nice set up. It seems many of the breweries are in the same area.

Brenda prepared a nice spaghetti meal and I returned the kids home.

Tuesday is off to another campground in the same area as we wait for the final decision on the boat – they are having the survey done Wednesday.

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  1. Another good one! Hopefully that boat will be here soon and we’ll be able to have you over!


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