December 19 – Mims, Florida

Foggy day this morning and it had rained overnight. We were able to get away by 11 AM (Brenda had to return the second coffee pot this week as it had malfunctioned too and we need our coffee). Did have some rain on the drive but nothing overwhelming.

Ate lunch at the rest area just before our exit. Checked in at the Seasons in the Sun campground by 1 PM. We had been here last year (about December 8-15) and enjoyed our stay. Nice site to park the coach. Paved roads and paved pad, level too). Large site with space between and we got SAT and decent wifi.img_2490

Kind of warm today, close to 85, humidity is taking a toll on Brenda.

They gave us an activity calendar (you can tell the real snowbird parks) and they had activities every day. Monday night is Bingo. Remember last year I won $150 here one night. We attended, good crowd but no money tonight.

Tuesday overcast but 70 and it’s off on the bike. Found a bike trail not too far from here and was able to ride into downtown Titusville (saw the Indian River Lagoon). Did 15 miles roundtrip and it didn’t rain on me though it looked like it all the way.img_2492

Brenda did her shopping and stopped at the Visitor’s Center for local information.

We did get to see the park’s golf cart parade after dark.

If you are wondering, this is how we decorate for Christmas.

Even bought a fruitcake for old time sake!dsc_0008

Wednesday is “pickle ball” day. Rode my bike over to the courts and to my dismay saw paint buckets and no nets. They are repainting the courts – NO! No one was around so I couldn’t ask when they would be ready to play. This is the park where I first learned to play the game – I was hoping to comeback and show them what I have learned.

Brenda did her big shopping day for herself and I goofed off. Did Elk Burgers on the grill for dinner.

Thursday woke up to our coolest day of 56 degrees – oh burrrr! Today was Brenda’s cleaning day so I did minor chores and walked the dogs.

I rode my bike into town and rode across the intracoastal waters bridge which was quite high. Good ride and ended up doing 21 miles.

We did smoke a Salmon for dinner that turned out really good.

Friday went by the pickle ball court and they are still working on painting the courts. It looks like I won’t be playing this week.

We took the dogs and went into the country. Went to Black Point Wildlife Trail (7 mile drive) and saw 1000’s of birds.

Also saw 4 crocodiles.

Continued on and stopped at the Manatee viewing area. Saw a couple of manatees after a local had showed us where they hide out in a small cove near the dock.

Drove along the PlayaLinda Beach, part of the Canaveral National Seashore.

This is one of the prettiest beaches in the US as it is so natural. It is the longest stretch of undeveloped beach in all of Florida – 24 miles.

Had to stop at the Tiki Bar for dinner.

Stopped at the PlayaLinda Brewery in downtown Titusville. Their main production plant is south toward Cocoa Beach but a beer is a beer.

Saturday is Christmas Eve and I will have to admit that I do miss gathering with family and friends to celebrate this joyous season.

Rode the bike 22 miles along the trail. Lots of bikers out this morning, why not it was 75.

Looks like the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.img_2493

Smoking a Prime Rib this afternoon. It’s on and the meat temp is 115, almost there for medium rare. Dinner turned out fantastic.

Sunday had Christmas Breakfast – which is unusual in our home – that is cooked breakfast – which I love.

We also participated in the campground Christmas dinner potluck – oh and I love potlucks. I find it interesting the people you meet when you just sit down at a table. We met a couple from Michigan, another couple that was pushing Pickle ball and told me that they are playing at the Community Center nearby and another couple that is going to Alaska this summer in the same time frame as us (gave them our card to meet up later) – want to visit with them and discuss details.

Finally we did our Christmas ritual and went to the movies to see Rogue One – Star Wars. Really enjoyed the movie and all the action.

Monday again the weather is dry and warm. Rode the bike 22 miles again. While by the water, watched numerous fisherman catching fish. A lot of people here fish – I wonder why!

Finished reading “Killing Reagan” which was a good review of history in my prime years. It’s amazing how many things I forgot had happened when I was so busy working. Good time reviewing history.

Played Bingo tonight and Brenda won $10 – I was one number away from winning coverall for $120 but someone beat me.

Did get to facetime with Josh and Leah from STL – nice seeing them again.

Tuesday is exploring day and we might as well take the puppies. Off to Cape Canaveral (the city not the space center (though they are next to each other). Typical beach town except for the huge ships for tourist (Carnival Cruise and others). Big port town.

Drove on then to Cocoa Beach – as the name implies – a beach town. They are both on the Atlantic Ocean. Finally found a dog beach and walked along the beach. A lot of surfers, swimmers and sun bathers. Great day for the beach!

Found a spot for lunch – Epic Burrito.

Did you know that “I Dream of Jeannie” TV show from the 60’s was set in Cocoa Beach?

Had to stop at Ron Jon Surf Shop – I was amazed at the amount of logo stuff and people buying all the T-shirts and other stuff. Avoided buying anything just for the name.

Did find Cocoa Beach Brewery and split a beer.

Then we found the Florida Brew Company and split another. Home again.

Brenda did get to facetime with Tecopa and Amanda.

Wednesday woke up to heavy fog.

After it lifted, I rode the bike 22 miles and the rest of day was uneventful. Working on details for the Alaska portion of the trip.

Thursday again working on Alaska trip. After lunch we made a family excursion to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Did the movie and got my stamp. We walked along the boardwalk and looked at nature. Dogs enjoyed themselves.

Location of refuge is important as it has subtropical and temperate climate and plants and it is on the Atlantic Flyway, a major bird migration corridor (140,000 acres).

After the visitor’s center we headed for the Scrub Ridge Trail and walked along. Saw an Armadillo and the dogs went nuts. Good thing we had them on leashes.

Friday – burr woke up to 50 degrees – had to turn on the fireplace. Went out to lunch (had Italian – been a while) and then the movie “Fantastic Beasts and how to find them” Good show – J K Rowling writes quite a book. Movie had you on the edge of your chair.

Saturday is New Year’s Eve and the coldest day in a while at 40 degrees.

To those who know me well, you won’t believe this next part. I planned the appetizers for the day and I am going to prep them – that is definitely not my style!img_2649

First up was smoked bacon wrapped jalapeno cream cheese. I cut all the peppers and made the cream cheese mix and put everything together. You could tell this isn’t my forte.

Then I prepped the shrimp for smoking – I forgot to shell them first – so we lost some of the flavor as we peeled them after smoking.

And finally I mixed up hamburger and sausage and egg and milk and made meatballs that were stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon – smoked them too.

Everything turned out good but made too much – we will have leftovers for a while.

Watched the movie “Sully” which was a great movie and showed that when you are confident in what you do – you usually are right in the end.

Brenda crashed before the bewitching hour but I made it to 1 minute past midnight and then I was out.

Sunday despite being our church day is also our move day and so we are heading to Clermont, Florida for a week and a chance to see my brother Jim.

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  1. It looks beautiful there! We’ll be seeing you soon!


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