November 28 – Savannah, GA

Trip down the coast was only 100 miles and a nice quiet drive. The leaves are still changing colors down here (not overly spectacular) but some yellows and a few reds. Enjoy watching the colors change but DO NOT like the season that follows – SNOW. Let’s head south!

One complaint about the roads – only in Missouri and this stretch of US 17 out of Charleston – have I found a rumble strip within the painted outer line. You know how frustrating it is for Brenda to be awaken from her sleep when I drift to the right ever so little. Move those rumble strips.

Arrived at Savannah Oaks RV Park about noon. Unpaved roads and sites with – yes lots of huge oak trees, therefore no SAT but we do have cable TV (can you believe NOT hi def?). Wifi is good and we have full hook ups.

Brenda was not feeling well so we hung around the RV for the evening.

Park is on a river that if I got in a boat could end up in the Atlantic Ocean. Also they have a sense of humor for the dogs.

Tuesday woke up to warm (67) weather. Decided to take the dogs and explore the gardens (squares) of Savannah. We walked about 3 miles through the many different parks that are about every two blocks in every direction.  Sat in the park that Forrest Gump sat on the bench in his movie.dsc_0030

There are 26 parks in the central district. Dogs enjoyed themselves with all the walking. We enjoyed the weather (tied the high temp for the area at 82).

The architecture of Savannah is quite diverse and I can say – impressive!

The City was designed by General James Oglethorpe in 1733 and he was quite the visionary as his plan is still in place even after 283 years.

We did stop at the visitor’s center to pick up some sight-seeing ideas.

Not to break our habit we found the Moon River Brewery and enjoyed a Black IPA.

Some of the streets in town are cobblestone, which was tough walking.dsc_0034

Wednesday started out humid – very humid. Brenda had to change her shirt before we could leave.

We headed to Fort Pulaski National Monument, east of Savannah (Illinois readers remember Pulaski day off of school – what is the relationship?). Needed lunch before we got there and stopped at the Flying Fish – enjoy those “off the wall” joints that look like a dive but have good food – yes the food was good.

Got to the fort in time for the guided tour. The guide was a volunteer but he sure knew the history and facts. He took us around the fort for an hour. Learned all kinds of new things about the Revolutionary War and the construction of this fort on an island. The fort was built after the War of 1812 to protect Savannah. It took over 25 million bricks to construct.

The fort was defeated by the Union in 1862 after they bombarded the fort from Tybee Island.

Saw some of the devastation from Hurricane Matthew (n0t shown here).

Toured Tybee Island after the fort and walked the beach. A typical beach town. Saw four guys kite surfing on the ocean and we saw the Tybee Lighthouse (tallest in Georgia).

The weather in Savannah reached 83 (a record) and out at the beach it was 70. Quite the contrast.

Thursday is “smoke” day and we did a pile of ribs. Used a coffee rub and drank a growler of coffee IPA during the smoke. Ribs turned out great. Rest of day was paying bills and paperwork, while Brenda went shopping.

Helped lady next door figure out why her bedroom TV wasn’t working (Coach was new to them and they are newbies for RVing). It took me by surprise when she approached me outside and asked for my help “after” my wife got home. I forgot about the “untrust” issue with people you don’t know, which is understandable. Eventually I did get to help her (Brenda tagged along) and the lady can watch her TV.

Hansel and Gretel ready for bed.

Friday was cool and dry. We walked along the river downtown Savannah. Used to be a huge cotton distribution facility. Lots of shops, beautiful river, ate at the Shrimp Factory, shrimp and grits and shrimp and crab au gratin.

We saw the “waving lady” and the flame from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Also saw the cannons (captured at Yorktown in 1781) given by George Washington to city of Savannah.

Went out to outlet mall to do some Christmas shopping. Had my U City jacket on and someone stopped me and said he graduated from U City high school and was now coaching here in Savannah (small world). Proud to display my last location of work.

Later in the day the lady I had helped brought over some chocolate for a thank you.

Went to the First Friday concert at a local church sponsored by Savannah Folk Society. They have local folk groups come in and play. Saw two acts – Trainwreck and the Massey Boys. The third act who was the host, was quite impressive in his playing ability.

Saturday is off to the Farmer’s Market. Had some interesting booths, we did buy some specialty breads. Toured some more downtown and went thru a few shops.img_2366

Sunday found a church nearby and had a good worship. After lunch we took the dogs and headed for the nearest – “only” – winery in the area – Butterducks Winery. Had some samples and bought a bottle of Merlot (which was more peppery than I was used to) – but it was good and sat on the patio to enjoy (was cool outside and we were the only ones).

Monday is off to Smyrna, Florida to watch a launch from Kennedy Space Center.

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