November 21 – Charleston, SC

No hurry this morning to get across the state to Charleston. Weather is cool but sunny and dry. Trip across state was not too difficult as it was all interstate all the way.

Arrived at Oak Plantation about 10 miles outside Charleston. Large campground with paved roads but the site we got was grass covered and only water and electric – careful with the sewage – too much and we have to move and dump mid trip. Great wifi and large spaces. The oak trees are huge.

First order of business after getting set up is off to the visitor’s center. Gathered our material and stopped at the nearest (Palmetto) Brewery. Need that first beer on arrival.

We sat with a couple originally from Florida but now in Spartanburg, SC. They were in Charleston to help daughter get ready to move after the holidays. They must be brewery fanatics. He claimed while in Boulder Colorado (helping son move) they took in 47 breweries in 5 days. There is enough in that area to accomplish that feat, not sure if I would still be standing.

Tuesday is cool – 43 degrees – but sunny. I did receive my sliding tray for the basement of the Coach – trying to find easy way to get grill (weighs 62 pounds) in and out of the basement. Worked on it for a while and it will work. Now to get the bolts to attach.

Brenda and I took off to downtown for a bus city historic tour to get an overall glimpse of the city. It was an hour and a half and it was so great.

Learned a lot about the city, its history, war, slaves, shopping, eating and on and on. Even got off the bus at Battery Park and heard about the history of the Charleston Harbor.

We have so much yet to see and not enough time – a week isn’t long enough to enjoy all of Charleston.

We did eat at Fleet Landing (an old navy gathering place) for dinner – great fish.

Wednesday Brenda is off shopping – need to get supplies for Thanksgiving – we do have our turkey already.

Just a reminder – never park under an Oak Tree in the fall, especially a huge one – the acorns fall all day and night on the roof of the coach – which is very loud and annoying. Getting used to it.img_2315

We took off to peruse the city. First stop was Boxcar Betty’s restaurant. They were famous for their fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw, sauce. Not much of an outside (or inside) but it was packed with people. Food was great as we had the Boxcar, fried green tomatoes and fried sweet potato fries – oh the heart issues after this meal.

Then we stopped at the Old Slave Mart Museum. In the mid-1800’s slave traders came to this building to sell and by enslaved African Americans. It was a huge business that made Charleston wealthy.

Walked thru part of the historic district of Charleston. Impressive buildings.

Stopped at the Moon Pie Store and enjoyed a moon pie (many moons since I’ve had one of those). Didn’t have the RC Cola which is the custom in the south.

As normal, we found the Laguintas Brewery (not brewing yet in Charleston – will by spring) but had beer from the Chicago plant.

We did visit some cemeteries (every church has a cemetery in the back) and even found two graves of individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Oh the history.

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoying a morning of 57 degrees and hopefully afternoon 75 or better. Prepping for our Smoked Turkey. Took longer than expected (next time to self – higher cook temp). Everything turned out great and we are thankful for all our family and friends and the privilege to travel this wonderful country.

After lunch we headed to Folly Beach (on the Atlantic Ocean) and we walked in the sand. The dogs love to do that and they smell all the fishy smells and the temp was 80.


After a long walk we had to stop and have a cold one. The dogs were good sitting by our table.img_2333

Friday we went to visit Fort Sumter – location of the beginning of the Civil War on April 12, 1861. We did the Visitor’s center and got our stamps (no movie). We then boarded a ferry and went out to Fort Sumter (about 30 minute ride). Guide explained the history of the fort and the city. Learned a lot.

We got to walk around inside the fort for about an hour. Brenda got involved in a reenactment of shooting of the cannon – she was the Cannonnier (one with the loudest voice).

The fort was occupied by the Union Army which made the Charleston people mad and they begin the attack. The Confederates assaulted the fort and after 34 hours the Union ran. Eventually the Union came back and took over the fort and defeated Charleston and the Confederate Army.

Fort Sumter must have been impressive when it was built in 1861. 50 feet high with brick walls 5 feet thick. It was in the shape of a pentagon with walls about 150 feet long. Designed to house 650 men.

Another warm day so it was off to a brewery – found Freehouse Brewery and had one. We walked in as the only people but within a half hour the place was packed. The bartender mentioned another brewery close by so we stopped by Holy City (much larger and many more people). Good time had by all.

Saturday is cooler (mid 50’s) but sunshine! Time for the Farmer’s Market. We have come to enjoy walking thru the market – tasting the samples and looking for good deals on items. We did buy a variety of mushrooms, beignets, and boiled peanuts.

We walked around town – so many churches – I guess that is why they call it the Holy City.

Even have “free” public transit.

Have to keep our reputation up so it’s off to the nearest brewery – Tradesman Brewery – décor all done in mechanic tools and the IPA was great.img_2338

Sunday we attended St. John’s Lutheran Church in Charleston. It was the mother of Lutheran churches in South Carolina, founded in 1734. The existing church was rebuilt in 1817. What was quite interesting the architecture and pews. We went at 8:30 (probably not there highest attended) but the pastor preached a good Advent sermon.  Notice the doors on each of the pews.

After church we rode around looking at buildings and the fantastic architecture – quite impressive.

Went home and washed the coach or at least rinsed it off.

Did get a chance to face time with Josh and Leah in London. We sat outside and visited as it was sunny and warm – needed to remind them of how nice our weather is compared to London.

What was great about this trip – not counting the scenery – architecture – food and breweries – was the fact that we went 7 days without having to dump our gray and black water tank. It is important in some situations to conserve our resources.

Monday is off to Savannah, Georgia.

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