November 20 – Columbia, South Carolina

And now the rest of the story!

Wednesday the 16th the outside air is still smoky – forest fires in Tennessee and North Carolian drifting down our way. But we made our own smoke. Did a pork butt (no pic) today for 10 hours and it was perfect – love this new grill.

Thursday Brenda spent the day with Michael and Dee. img_1392I rode 12 miles. She called later in the day and told me she was going to spend the night – bachelorhood what shall I do – remember no car and its dark outside. I watched two movies on the DVR and off to bed.

Friday Brenda did come home. We later went to Dee and Cannon’s, we brought pizza and they provided The Martian movie, which I have been wanting to see for a while.

Saturday we were invited to Dee’s for breakfast and we left late morning and spent the day goofing off.img_2256

Sunday we went to church and Michael was baptized. Great event. Had a lunch at Cannon’s parents and had chance to visit with them and Dee’s dad and Joy and the rest of the family.


As you would expect, Brenda and I are both sad as we have to leave another grandchild behind – we will be back.

Despite the waiting (for baby to be born) – the trip to Columbia was great – spending time with family – seeing Michael – baptism – eating – seeing the area – and did I say seeing Michael!

Check out Michael’s cousin Tecopa and his parents.  Hopefully the clown didn’t scare him.

And I have this one of our two granddaughters and their dad (my son).img_2086

Monday we head to Charleston, SC.

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