November 10 – Columbia, South Carolina

I’ve been asked to publish this early, so I can show off my new grandson.
Short drive to Columbia from Greenville. Not too hilly or curvy and the weather was dry. Leaves are changing slowly so it was scenic.

Great thing about traveling in motorhome is we can pullover anywhere and stop and eat – did lunch at an exit ramp and continued on.

We arrived at Barnyard RV Park. We were here last year (see previous blogs) and got us a good spot – except there is no wifi here except at the office.img_2220

Walking the dogs around the park I noticed that some of the people I saw last year are still here. There is a school teacher and another guy I said Hi to but every night he had his fire pit going and sat there listening to rock music.

In the evening we visited Dee and Cannon and saw their new house. Nice neighborhood and lots of space in the house for kids – hint, hint!

Monday is Halloween and we helped Dee and Cannon hand out candy. It’s been awhile since I have done that (6 years in the country home, 3 years in a subdivision that had one location for candy and one year on the road) so we haven’t been involved with children and candy in a while. It was fun.

Still no baby. Won’t bore you with the details while we waited 12 days for Michael to come into this great world. But I will share some highlights and get to the main point of this blog.  Waiting ….img_1336

I did get to ride my bike numerous times. They do have different trail systems by the river but they are short and not connected with each other. I mostly rode out of the campground along the streets and thru different neighborhoods.

I have been smoking on the grill as usual and it is working out great. Did a bacon wrapped tenderloin, burnt rib tips, burgers and tomorrow is pork butt (pulled pork). We have shared meals back and forth with Dee and Cannon which has been some good family time while waiting.

Took the coach in for its 15,000 mile checkup and oil change and the car in for its 40,000 mile oil change (on different days).

On Saturday we met Dee and Cannon and walked the Farmer’s Market (hoping to get Dee to deliver – no results). Great Farmer’s Market img_2231with lots of venders and food samples. Brenda bought a few food items. Had lunch and then I was dropped off at William Brice football stadium to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks and Missouri Tigers.

First time I have ever watched Mizzou live after all those years in Missouri. Great game as it was close through the whole game but the Gamecocks won in the end. Such enthusiasm by the local fans and it sure looked like some awesome tail gate parties.

Brenda picked me up after the game at Conquest Brewery and we had one (she was there early so she was one up on me) and we got a growler and returned home.

Tuesday November 8 is Election Day and we are still shocked but ready to move forward.

On Thursday November 10, 2016, Deidre had Michael at 6:29 PM, 8 pounds 11 ounces and 22 inches long.img_1350

Brenda and I went to the Devine Street Walk before the birth. Many of the shops offer drinks and appetizers, between 5 and 8 PM. We went last year and it was great. Turned out this year was just as good. One place had steamed oysters in the shell. Lots of wine too.

We stopped by the hospital after our walk along Devine Street. Mother and Father are doing well and Michael is a cute baby.

Friday is Veteran’s Day. Knowing Brenda was on her way to see Michael (I had planned on visiting that night) so I had Brenda drop me off (with my bike) downtown and I watched the Veterans parade. First time I ever attend one and it was amazing. Especially after this past election, it was so worthwhile and meaningful. It lasted an hour and half and had numerous bands and veterans marching in the parade. They celebrated Fort Jackson base (near Columbia) and the majority of the base marched in the parade. What surprised me was how young the soldiers looked and how many women were in the troops. Thank God for patriotic men and women!

On Monday did see the Super moon.dsc_0007

And now more pictures of Michael.

Don’t what to forget about Tecopa!

Enjoy the Day!

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