October 24 – Greenville, SC

Got off to an early start – 8:45 AM. Beautiful day with dry roads. Rolling hills and trees changing colors (not at peak or near yet) but the ride was spectacular. Somewhat felt like the mountains of Colorado as they were curvy and steep. Slowed down and enjoyed the ride.

Arrived after lunch at Springwood RV Park. Not what I was expecting but again this is just a base while we wait for the new grandson to be born. We liked Greenville (see last year’s blog) and wanted to spend more time here. I do remember a bike path and a downtown that was alive.

This park is small, but the lots are adequate to get our chairs and dog pen out. There are a lot of full timers who live here all year. But so far the wifi is good and it is quiet.

Went into town to gather information from the Visitor’s Center. Picked up information and breweries and bike trails so we are ready. Walked around town and found Barley’s (not a brewery but had various microbrews on tap). Had an IPA from Charlotte.

Very nice downtown area, walkable and lots of tables outside for eating. Could get used to this.

Tuesday Brenda is still rushing to get her sewing done, so I took off to ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Yes there is an actual swamp rabbit that swims. Forgot the map but signage was good enough to find my way. Trail runs from the south end of Greenville to Travelers’ Rest (about 18 miles). I ended up riding 16 today just to get back in the saddle and not make the legs feel like rubber.

Wednesday is exploring day. Brenda put down her needle and we headed to Cowpens National Battlefield in you guessed it – Cowpens, SC.

Cowpens was where a Revolutionary War battle took place between General Morgan (Continentals and backwoods militia) and General Tarleton (British). Based on size and skills, it looked like the Americans would lose but with the tactical genius of Morgan, he was able to contrive a plan and did defeat the British. He used three flanks of soldiers and overcame the opposite side. All of this happened in an open field (where they fed the cows – thus cow pens) along the Green River Road.

It is always amazing to stand on a field where bloody battles have occurred.

Afterwards we finally found a brewery, Thomas Creek Brewery near Greenville. A good IPA and cheap refill on the growler – so I got two.img_2204

Thursday is smoking day. We are attempting again, a chuck roast with veggies. Remember last time, I charcoaled the meat (see previous blog) and Brenda wasn’t happy. It took 7 hours but the meat reached 201 degrees and the tenderness and taste was scrumptious. Sure do like my new GMG grill.

Just a pic of the dogs in the fallen leaves.

Have to mention how I was awoken this morning. About 5:30 Brenda yelled that she heard some noise outside and I should check it out. Turned out to be that the hose that feed us water had broken and was spraying water all over the grass. I went out and turned off the faucet and replaced the connection. We are full of water again.

Friday is my day as Brenda continues to sew. Rode the Swamp Rabbit Trail from one end to the other end and returned to the car – 34 miles. Good ride and good trail. Weather did get up to 81 degrees so it got hot towards the end. Went from southern Greenville north to Travelers Rest (yes that is a city). The plan is to continue the trail north to North Carolina. The trail is an old railroad bed.

They even let you know when the next restroom is located.img_2201

Had lunch at a point more than half way to the finish and enjoyed a Great Divide double IPA – 10% ABV – shouldn’t have done that as the trip home was tougher after the beer. I even got lost at the end as I made a wrong turn in the park and had no idea where I was. I eventually found my way.

Saturday we explored downtown. Greenville has a great downtown with lots of walkable streets and activities. First found the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed samplings of many different food items and seeing the creativity of the venders. Brenda bought some fresh ground grits.img_2210

Greenville also has an area where artists (16 shops in all) occupy the lower level of some buildings (Art Crossing) along the Reedy River and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Their stores were open and we walked thru the many shops to see some great art. Didn’t buy as we don’t have space.img_2214

This area along the river is the jewel of Greenville – it is so intimate, scenic, relaxing and the list could go on. Lots of people just enjoying life!

Did lunch downtown and then headed out to Travelers Rest. Stopped at the Swamp Rabbit Brewery and enjoyed an afternoon on the patio.img_2216

Sunday we found a local church and had a great Reformation Service – that is the highlight of Lutheranism. After church we loaded up and headed to Columbia, South Carolina to see Dee and Cannon and wait for the new grandson to come along.

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