October 14 – Shepherdsville, KY

Good start to the day, cool and dry. Travel across southern Illinois and Indiana easy and enjoyable due to the rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Actually I like Indiana better than Illinois for scenery.dsc_0041

We did stop at Lincoln’s Boyhood Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana.

Enjoyed the movie and got my stamp. Abraham Lincoln was shaped by in large by his years in Indiana. His sense of honest, pursuit of education and learning, respect for hard work, compassion and notions of right and wrong were born in this place and time. Lincoln spent 14 years here before moving to Illinois.dsc_0037

There was a re-creation of the farm Lincoln lived on (didn’t have time to tour it) and the gravesite of his mother who died due to mil sickness (when cows eat white snake root).dsc_0039

If you are into Lincoln sites, there are numerous other ones in Spencer County, Indiana.

Arrived at Grandma’s RV Park about 3 PM. Time zone change so now we are in the Eastern TZ. Busy driving thru Louisville, but we made it. Campground has paved roads and gravel sites, very neat and clean. Near interstate so it was extremely noisy. Sites are close together and they are very tough on dogs, so we’ll have to see how it works out.img_2105

Brenda went shopping as soon as we got here. She is trying to finish sewing for the new grandkids.

Saturday woke up to 61 degrees, nice!

I did visit the flea market next door to the campground and we had donkeys across the street.

We had donkey’s in the field across from the campground.  Dogs couldn’t understand what they were.

My cousin and husband (Denise and Mike) picked us up for a day of fun. My aunt (Angie) was with them and we were able to visit and catch up on the past year.img_2113

We went to Huber Winery and Orchard in Indiana, only about 45 minutes away. It was unbelievable in the sense of how many people were there. They indicated about 10,000 people visit every day on the weekend in October. We stood in lines for dinner, wine etc. I have never seen so many pumpkins.

Had chicken dinner (family style) with family and they even let you take the leftovers home. We enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine and listened to a blues band.img_2115

Huber Winery has been family owned since 1843 and is located in Starlight, Indiana. If you ever come this way, you must stop.

Sunday Mike, Denise and I took off for a bike ride on the Louisville Loop. Brenda stayed home and sewed. The Loop was brutal! We rode 39 miles round trip and there were heart pounding hills that brought you to the edge of a cardiac arrest. The downhills were so scary as they were many winding and sharp curves. This trail is the most impressive bike trail that I have ever ridden on. They plan on having a 100 mile loop around Louisville when completed.img_2128

After we got back, my aunt invited us over spaghetti dinner at her house.

Great meal and company. She can still cook at 86 years young.

I have to say that my cousin (and husband) and her mom were the best. Taking time out of their lives to make sure that we were entertained. We had a great time and look forward to coming back.

Monday it is off to Louisville. First stop was the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. Really enjoyed the tour and being reminded of my childhood. I had a Duke Snyder Louisville slugger playing sandlot baseball. And could I hit that ball.


And they had Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Afterwards lunch at Bluegrass Brewing Company. Walked around downtown and they have numerous old buildings that are in great shape. Enjoyed the architecture and you can see a renewal coming to downtown.img_2134

We did stop at Muhammad Ali Center but they were closed for the day. I used to admire and watch Muhammad box as a kid.

We then walked across the River Bridge. They have quite the park system downtown along the Ohio River. Walking the bridge was windy. Weather is warm and about 86 degrees. Good chance to stretch those legs after that brutal bike ride.

Needed one more beer before heading out of town, stopped at Against the Grain and enjoyed a cold one. Filled a growler as it’s getting time to smoke on the grill. We sat next to a couple from Wyoming who was teaching a class in town. Enjoyed our visit.

Tuesday time to move to Mammoth Cave.

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  1. We just went to Huber’s too a few weeks back and yes it is very nice. So glad you guys were able to stop again this year and see mom, she was really looking forward to it. Safe travels….


  2. Another great read!! Michael, mom and I always enjoy when you and Brenda visit!! Brenda thanks for my garlic dish, it’s a yummy addition with my homemade pizza crust. Huber farm was a bit crazy with people!! We enjoyed our day together eating (which I love to eat) drinking starlight wine and listening to some good music. Enjoy your travels as you continue to live the good life ❤️️


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