October 11 – Rend Lake, IL

It’s hard to believe that this is Day One of our Two Year Adventure. Left Belleville this morning without any problems and headed to Rend Lake. Easy drive, about 1-1/2 hours with a minor traffic jam at Mt. Vernon.

Had to try 3 different sites to find the perfect one. First site was too sloped to level the Coach, second couldn’t get SAT and finally we found the perfect site. Can even see the lake from our door. Great view. And we only have electric so we have to rough it with no washing clothes or showers – this is camping! And no wifi!

Did lunch and rode my bike to the camp host to pay our fee.

Rest of the day was relaxation. While walking the dogs toward dusk, noticed that mosquitos or some other bug was swarming around the trees. There were millions of them and it was a scary scene (similar to the movie The Birds). Kept moving to avoid being landed on.

Wednesday I rode the bike thru the park and visited all the campsites (243 in all, just in this park) and rode 8 miles. Saw turkeys and deer while walking the dogs.

Brenda is sewing today, so I had to go to the nearest McDonalds (8 miles) to publish my blog. Did that, then rode around Rend Lake and ended up at the Visitor’s Center. Watched my movie (no stamp here) and walked thru their exhibit hall.

Again, Rend Lake is another engineering marvel that people worked together in the 50’s and 60’s to collaborate and bring to fruition – love to see teamwork.

The Army Corp of Engineers built this 19,000 acre lake and it provides recreation, water, flood control etc. Praise the government! – sometimes!

We stayed in the State Park section, but there are numerous COE campgrounds around the lake. Lots of hiking and biking trails and we will definitely come back.

Brenda and I visited the local winery, Pheasant Hollow, enjoyed a portion of a bottle of wine and returned home for dinner.img_2097

Thursday woke up to 54 degrees and overcast – brrr! Fall is upon us. It has been fun being here this time of year, leaves are falling, changing colors, cool air and out of the 243 sites there are only 20 campers here. We have the whole thing to ourselves.img_2102

Brenda is still sewing and I’m relaxing. Had to drive over to the Lake Rend Resort to pick up free wifi. Did get to publish my Summary Year One. After lunch I rode the bike 14 miles, need to stay in shape.img_2101

Rest of the day relaxing and walking the dogs. We did grill pork steaks and they turned out good.

Friday woke up to 51 degrees. Sure can tell Fall is upon us. The crunchy leaves and cool air and the smell of everyone else’s campfire is such a good feeling. Really enjoy this time of year.  We will be back!

We are ready to head to Louisville, Kentucky.

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