October 13 – Summary of Year One

Need to bring to a close the great joy and happiness, along with the tough times and hardships we faced on this Wienerbago Adventure of Year One.  So many things to say and reflect on, but Year Two is waiting for us, so let me just summarize.

This is a map of our first year.year-one-done

Of you whom enjoy statistics here are the final numbers.

Summary of Year One.

21 number of States visited

16 number of National Parks visited

12 number of National Historic sites visited

12 number of National Monuments visited

3 number of National Recreation Areas visited

4 number of National Shorelines visited

1 number of National Parkways visited

82 number of Campgrounds stayed in

5.8 Average number of Days per campground

14 Largest number of Campground Stays in one state (Colorado)

11,020 number of Miles driven in motorhome

19,100 number of Miles driven in car

$ 2,709 Fuel Cost for motorhome

$ 13,825 Fee Cost for campsites

$ 29.23 Average Fee Cost per campsite per night

Mims, Florida Furthest East Campground City

Twenty Nine Palms, California Furthest West Campground City

Forest City, Iowa Furthest North Campground City

Port Aransas, Texas Furthest South Campground City

104 degrees  Hottest day

28 degrees  Coldest day

We continue on and if you are following us, here is our “proposed” plan for Year Two.  year-two-proposed

And we invite anyone who happens to be in the same area we are, to let us know and we will get together.

Happy Wienerbago to Everyone!

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