September 15 – Springfield, IL

Oh I need to get caught up with all of life. It’s hard to believe that a month has past by since I last wrote about our adventure. I promise to catch up the next couple of days. I promise I won’t go into a lot of details but give you the general gist of our adventure.

We did visit Springfield Illinois, my son and his wife and two daughters (Matt, Naomi, MacKensi and Hailey). The girls are 14 and 12 respectively. We spent two weeks there but one week at a time with a break in-between. Kensi asked me if that was because I could only handle my son for a week at a time – partial true (I think I needed the rest in-between).

We did stay at the Springfield KOA and the Double J. Both nice campgrounds.

I will say that the two weeks were busy and exciting. Really enjoyed spending time with the granddaughters and doing their type of activities.

We went birthday shopping, and Starbucks, and Baskin Robbins, lunch at numerous restaurants, movie (Stork) and Skyzone.

Do you know how many stores a teenager needs to visit to buy their birthday gift? I will tell you – many!

Friday the girls had off of school for the day and so we picked them up at 11 to explore. We did lunch and then explored Scheels Store (you could spend all day in there viewing the many displays) The girls bowled – yes they even have bowling.

We even visited Lincoln’s Tomb, which the girls had never seen before. They were fascinated with searching the adjacent graveyard and finding the most recent burial. I think we found 2008, which we all know there are more recent ones.

The girls enjoying playing games, so many nights we visited and played fun time games.

Attended church with them and got an opportunity to go to their bonfire and hot dog roast.

Helped them with homework, which brought back many memories of the struggles I had with Matt.

Monday the girls are back in school and I can relax. Brenda is sewing today and I headed over to Matt’s rental house to help him for a while. I quickly remembered scrapping old paint off the outside is not my cup of tea and that didn’t last too long. I did enjoy caulking the open joints and drinking the beer after we finished.

Brenda and I visited the nearest brewery (Engrainment Brewery) and had the local specialty of a Horseshoe (slice of bread with a meat and French fries and cheese sauce). Filling and yummy.

We also always stop at the Cozy Dog on Route 66.img_1982

We (mostly me) did five different bike rides from 8 miles to 20 during our visit. They have a great bike trail system that goes for a long ways. The girls even rode their bikes on one of the trips and do very well.

We cooked on the grill and smoked a Pork Tenderloin and another time a smoked Turkey. Matt and family really enjoyed the turkey, sweet potatoes and spinach and ice cream. It turned out really juicy.

I will have to say that with all the church and school activities going on, it makes it difficult to spend as much time as you would like with the kids. But their learning and religious and social skills are also important.

We said our goodbyes as we won’t be back until spring of 2018. So hard to believe that we are getting ready for year two. It was hard to say goodbye but I promised to continue writing the blog and they said they would read it.

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