September 11 – St. Louis, MO – Part 1

Trip across Missouri was a nice ride. Have made this trip so many times that the scenery was so familiar and good to see again. Not a whole lot has changed along the way. A couple of new buildings but basically hilly country with farms along the way and rock out-croppings.

Arrived at Belleville Mobile Home and RV Park. We stayed here last year before I retired. Nice park with paved roads and sites. Wifi is iffy but early in the day you can get email. Park was flooded out last year and is still restoring some of the homes in the Park that were flooded. Park is probably 50% full, which means not a lot of traffic and kids.

For dinner we headed over to “Some Other Place” Bar and was disappointed. They no longer have a full kitchen and it was inundated with motorcycles and the music was so loud. We had Nachos and a beer and left.

Monday was shopping day. We are looking for a new mattress and laid down on a bunch trying to find the perfect sleep – no sale yet. Got a new Garmin for the car and finally bought a pellet grill so I can expand my smoking process. The old grill you have to watch the charcoal to keep the temperature. New grill is pellets and fed automatically and electronically – even has wifi to the phone with temperature readings.

We also made a trip to our storage locker and dropped off some things we haven’t used in the past year. Yes we did take too much with us. More to come.

Tuesday is doctor day. Brenda did the eye doc and I had my physical. I am in good shape but I had some moles taken off my back and I didn’t pay too much attention to my stretching later and one of the cuts kept bleeding. So Brenda hauled me over to the ER room. Four hours later they had me patched up with coagulation material (Gel Foam) and Brenda realized she had some at home in the medicine cabinet – I could have used those 4 hours for something else.

I also got a haircut – see before and after.  I did get my pony tail – but its gone for now!

We have been sorting and getting rid of some stuff – have too much. Going full time you definitely don’t need much.

Wednesday is doctor day again. This time for Hansel and Brenda’s doctor. The unfortunate thing is with one car I am now stuck at home. Play on the computer and read and do paper work – oh fun, fun, fun!

Something funny, Hansel came home from his teeth cleaning and they had to put him out, he came home so lethargic it was funny. It couldn’t get up the steps, all he wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep.

Gretel enjoying the sun img_1961

Brenda had her lab tests and had a chance to visit with her best friend, Sharron.

Tried out the new grill with a pork steak and do I need more practice and getting used to it. It was terrible and pork steaks aren’t that easy to ruin.

In the evening we dropped off the old smoker to our friend’s house for him to use.

Thursday it’s hard to believe that it is already the 15th of September – month half over.

Did my financial advisor meeting in the morning and then Brenda got her haircut. This afternoon I did my eye doctor and I am still 20 20. Life is good!

We finally found some time to visit with friends and went out for wings and beer. The discussion with Glenn and Mary went on for hours (time goes quickly when you are having fun). I should have had a map of our travels because all their questions made me go back a year and think about all the places we have been to. So in the future, if I show up with a map in hand, know that I am just trying to save time to show and tell.

Oh and I do have some new pics of Tecopa.

Friday is off to Springfield, Illinois to see the grandkids.

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