September 1 – Camdenton, Missouri

This may not be my most exciting blog, but we spent most of our time with family and enjoyed ourselves a whole lot.

Thursday visited with MIL and aunt for the day.

Friday took the bike and rode 9 miles. Some of it along the highway which was scary but found the City of Linn Creek and rode thru it. Then installed my rock guard on the Coach (that’s what everyone at Winnebago call their RV).img_1932

Visited with MIL and aunt in the evening.

Saturday had to do some minor repair on the Coach (leak in basement – sound familiar to people who own a house?)

Picked up the MIL and went winery visiting – did I tell you that my MIL is a wine lover? We went to Casa de Loco an old insane asylum converted to winery. Great wine and great scenery. Brought cheeses and meats for lunch.

Then we went to Sugarloaf for another bottle to relax. Great weather and scenery.img_1939

Sunday we finally made it to church. It seemed like we have been moving on Sundays and not getting a chance to spend time with God – so we did Hope Lutheran near the Lake. Did lunch out after church and then some shopping for a new mattress.

Had a friend who was camping at the lake, but when we called he was all the way on the other side of the Lake and we didn’t get a chance to catch up with each other.

Spent the afternoon with the in-laws.

Monday is Labor Day and we have no plans to do too much, especially with the huge crowd that celebrates the holiday at the lake. I did ride my bike 9 miles. The humidity and huge hills are killing me. We grilled elk burgers that evening.

Tuesday Brenda spent went with her mom for the day and I caught up on planning and paperwork and walking the dogs. Again it is hot and humid – ugh! We did go to a “thank you” dinner for the employees where Brenda’s mom works. It was great food.

Wednesday weather is still hot and humid. We went to Lebanon to visit Brenda’s aunt (we visited her in Las Vegas and she moved to Missouri). Had wine and dinner with her and Brenda’s mom.

Thursday weather is still hot and humid. Did get a good rain storm during the night time.

Friday decided to smoke a Pork Butt so the day even though the weather is hot and humid, I am outside watching the grill – sweating and finishing off my last growler. Pork Butt turned out to be our best according to Brenda.

Shared with Brenda’s family including her sister Corinne, niece Celeste and her 3 kids and mother and aunt. Good time had by all.

Saturday was winery day. We headed out and found 3 wineries. By the end of the day we had enjoyed some good wine and great scenery. Enjoyed Shawnee Bluff winery the most as it was on the lake and there was good music and a lot of people enjoying the grapes.

Chandler Hill wouldn’t allow us to have our own lunch so we bought a bottle and went over to the Katie Trail and had a picnic.

Finally ended the day at Seven Springs Winery.

And yes, all the wines were good.

Sunday is off to Saint Louis, Missouri.

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