August 28 – Forest City, Iowa

Again we are heading to the next site without a confirmed reservation – oh we are getting so gutsy! Only 90 miles to Forest City – home of Winnebago – maker of our home. Trip north wasn’t too bad, all interstate and all corn.

Arrived early (11 AM) to get a spot in a big parking lot with electric hook ups and great wifi. We have a full water tank and will have to be frugal with our water. There is a dump station nearby if necessary.DSC_0011

We have an appointment Monday morning to get a few items fixed on the RV.
Enjoyed the evening relaxing sitting in the chairs in the parking lot.

Monday I was warned to be at the service center early (which was across the street) and as you might expect I didn’t sleep very well last night and we had the coffee pot going by 5 AM. Got there at 6:30 and was in by 7. There were about 30 people present at 7. They have a very efficient way to handle all the traffic and customers. They took my home and I was confined to the car for the day – a strange feeling!DSC_0015

There is not a whole lot to do in Forest City, not even a Walmart. We did hike a trail along the Winnebago River which was quite nice. Not a pet-friendly restaurant in town or a place to get a drink. The local pub was only open Thursday to Saturday.

Sitting around the customer service office (which allows dogs inside). They have great wifi, tv and coffee. What more could you want?

Kind of felt “homeless” waiting. You couldn’t go to your house and just sit and watch TV or do whatever. You had no place to go – how sad!

At 3 PM the service man (who was a Cardinal fan and I had my STL Cardinal shirt on) came out and said he quite didn’t get finished so I will have to stay another night and hopefully get everything done tomorrow.

The nice thing is every night or at least by 3 PM they return your RV and you get to sleep in the RV for the night, so it’s time to eat and then relax until tomorrow.

Tuesday up early and in line by 7 AM. My service man was right there and he took the RV and we once again were homeless. Brenda spent the morning in the service center with the dogs while I went on a tour of the Winnebago Plant. We could not take any pictures so I can’t share with you the inside of the building.

I will tell you it was impressive. They make all their parts (tanks, furniture, cabinets, drapes etc) and had 3000 people working overtime to keep up with the demand of RVs. They have even began outsourcing to other cities because there is not enough labor to get the job done within Forest City.

Returned to the service center and got into numerous discussions with the other people waiting for their RV. You almost become like family after sitting together for two (some of these people have been here longer) days.

About noon my service man walked in and said he was done. Oh hip hip hurray! We loaded the dogs and were on our way.

We are heading to Missouri and not sure where we are stopping. Drove about 5 hours (getting to be after 6 PM) and this is not my style and we came across Wallace State Park.

Drove in and was able to find a site. Paved roads and sites, electric only (dump station and water nearby). Very nice park. Don’t come here this weekend (Labor Day) as it is filled.

Wednesday we are off to the Lake of the Ozarks to see mother-in-law.

Would you believe it, we had three firsts today. First time we woke up to rain and we had to move. Fortunately we waited a short while and the rain stopped and we were able to pack up and go. Didn’t have a lot to do (we didn’t even disconnect the car) and so we were off.

Second first was having to drive in the rain and it came down. We had a long way to go and reservations at the Lake so we could not sit and wait for the rain to stop.

Third first was the first time we had to set up in the rain. We could have sat there and waited but mom’s “happy hour” was waiting. Umbrellas helped a lot.

Ozark Trail RV Park seems to be a nice campground. Tree covered (and with moving the RV we found SAT) and gravel roads and lots, but they are big sites and we can’t hear our neighbors snoring. The best is that it is close to mom and we will be spending most of our time there.

We did Happy Hour and dinner and then back home for the evening.

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