August 23 – Lincoln, Nebraska

Time to leave Ogallala and head eastward. Let me tell you we (the US of A) will never run out of cows or corn. For 268 miles that’s all we saw – cows and corn!

Did you know that Nebraska slopes from west to east? The elevation on the GPS just gradually dropped all the way to Lincoln. There were no hills in between. I guess if you like wide-open spaces – this is for you. And the road was straight and I probably could have coasted all the way and saved fuel.

We had no reservations for a campground but we wanted to try one of Nebraska’s State Parks. We arrived at Pawnee State Recreation Area – Lakeview Campground. And found a lot open, in fact, during the middle of the week there are a lot of sites available.

Very nice campground, paved roads, only electric, no wifi, no sewer but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and there is no noise from traffic. The dogs have lots of grass to run on.

What is this stuff glistening on my forehead? Oh NO – its humidity! We haven’t felt humidity since South Carolina. What have we done by coming back this far east? Get ready for fuzzy hair Brenda!

Wednesday we each took off on our own bike ride. There are no bike paths but Brenda stayed in the park and I ventured outside. She did 5 and I 11.

Afterwards, I did take the time to wash the front windows and get rid of all the bugs.

We then drove to Homestead National Monument. We watched the movie and got our stamp. They had some hiking trails through the first parcel of ground ever claimed under the Homestead Act of 1862.

The had on display a museum of farm implements and other items from the early days of the country and what it took to homestead in the plains.

What I learned that I didn’t know was the Homestead Act was good for immigrants and Americans but the Indians got the short end of the deal as they were continually pushed out of their native lands and into reservations.

Brenda did find out that some of her ancestors were original homesteaders and found information on their claims in Colorado, Oklahoma and Indiana.  On one way they had all the states that allowed homesteading and the cut out shows percentage wise how much of that state was homestead.DSC_0027

Time got late and we missed the breweries in Lincoln. It rained that night.

Thursday it was raining in the morning, no down pour but we put off the bike ride. Today is sewing and smoking day. Brenda is sewing some baby things and I smoked ribs. Ribs turned out really good. Weather was in the 60’s this morning and mid 70’s this afternoon. With smoking comes a growler, so we did the New Belgium Trippel.

Friday is off to Iowa and again no reservations ahead of time. Called one campground they said it was first come first serve. We will have to see how that turns out.

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