August 21 – Ogallala, Nebraska

Great take off this morning, gone by 8:30 AM and the road was straight and flat. We have lost the mountains and miss them already. Not a whole lot in eastern Colorado or Nebraska. We saw a lot of ranches and cows.

Arrived in Ogallala about 1 PM at the Country View Campground. Small park with gravel roads and sites but the sites are huge and they have grass. Here for two days. We are parked next door to the John Deere dealer – look at those combines!

Brenda is gun ho on riding her bike, so we took off and did 5 miles on a country road. She is breaking her body in so she can go and go.

Monday we were off again on the bikes. We did the country road and Brenda was able to get 6 miles and since she knew the way home I rode another 5 miles to stretch my legs.

We then took off with the dogs to explore the area. First stop was the Crystal Palace, where in the cowboy days there were many gun fightDSC_0001s. In fact they have reenactments of the gunfights in the evening of the old saloon.

Ogallala used to be called the Gomorrah of the Plains. It attracted gamblers, gunmen and dance hall girls.

We then went to Lake McConaughy which is a reservoir that was created for power and irrigation. The dam to create the lake is one of the world’s largest earthen dams.

It was a huge lake, 35,000 acres. It had campgrounds and a beach. We took the dogs and walked the beach, they enjoyed the excursion.

Then the highlight of the day – we found “boot hill”! Yes during the cowboy days, rowdy cowboys were killed in those gunfights and they buried them on this hill. The city has kept it up somewhat but there were many different graves. The reason it was called boot hill is the fact that the cowboys were buried with their boots on.

Grilled steaks and corn for dinner.  Yes I have a new pic of Tecopa.  He is the cutie!IMG_1911

Tuesday we are going further east in Nebraska. No campground picked out.

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