August 14 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Ready to roll eastward and see what new scenery and adventures we can find. Not a whole lot along the way. We did take a detour as recommended by Stu’s dad and we went thru Medicine Bow. He said if you want to see Wyoming as it was, this is the route to take as compared to the interstate. There were a few small towns and houses along the way. The hills were higher and we (or at least I – Brenda was reading) enjoyed the travel path.

What was really exciting about driving across Wyoming was the openness and seeing the long trains pulling all those train cars across the vast wide open spaces. You could see them for miles. It reminded me of watching a model train layout and seeing the train go around and around.

Arrived at A-B Camping about 1 PM. It is a small campground, perhaps 40 spots. Gravel roads and at least a concrete pad out your doorway to avoid standing in the gravel. It did have some grass spots. The big deal about this campground is they have a BBQ restaurant on site. Past reviews have indicated it is good.

Monday not a whole lot planned. We headed into town to explore. First stop was at the Grill Works. We are considering changing grills to a pellet smoker. The salesman could have easily sold us one on the spot but we resisted for now as we needed to compare others.

Went into downtown Cheyenne to explore. Not a whole lot going on, a few stores. We did eat lunch at a local restaurant. Had hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes. Don’t see that often on the menu.

They say there are 6300 cowboy boots for sale in the city.  I almost bought a pair.

We also visited the local train depot (trains were a big deal in Cheyenne years ago). And it was one of the fancy depots.IMG_1862  The transcontinental railroad inlaid in the floor of the depot.

Saw the Plains Hotel which has been around for quite a while – 1911.

Went to State Capital but they were under renovations and no tours were available.

Then to the State Museum. It was quite impressive as it was free and had very good displays. Learned a lot about Wyoming history including the Indians, mining, sports, transportation, coal and all the other developments of the area.IMG_1877

And finally couldn’t pass up a cold one at the Freedom’s Edge Brewery. It finally poured outside (rain) and we were unable to leave for a while. It never rained back at the campsite which was only 3 miles away.IMG_1881

And to make things easy for Brenda (on the night before we leave) I did purchase some BBQ from the campground restaurant. It was good.

Don’t have a recent picture of Tecopa to share. I will have to get with Amanda.

Tuesday we are going south back to the Denver area for a few days.

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